Gorillas in the Mist Fun Activities

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Create a Journal

Create a journal from the point of view of Dian Fossey. Make the first entry before she left for Rwanda for the first time.

Learn about Mountain Gorillas

Learn more about mountain gorillas to better understand Fossey's fascination and work with the animals. Also learn about the present state of the animals.

Perform a Character Study

Perform a character study on one of the gorillas. Choose one of the following: Digit, Beethoven, Uncle Bert, Rafiki, or Old Goat.

Act Out a Scene

Act out a scene from the book. It may be one of the most serious, such as Fossey's discovery of Digit's death, or the silliest such as the scene in which Lucy laid her first egg.

Form a Conservation Club

Form a conservation club at school. What types of things would you want to conserve? Would you focus on plants, animals or resources...

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