Gorillas in the Mist Character Descriptions

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Dian Fossey

This character is a determined woman who proves her dedication to a study of gorillas in Africa.

Dr. Leakey

This character is a researcher working in Africa when Fossey makes her first trip there.

Alan Root

This character is a researcher and photographer that remains with Fossey during the first days of establishing her first camp.

Joan Root

This character is Alan's wife.

Bob Campbell

This character is a National Geographic photographer who spends some time at Karisoke.

Alyette DeMunck

This character is a Belgian woman who becomes a tremendous help to Fossey.

Ian Redmond

This character comes to work with Fossey as a researcher focusing on autopsies, parasites and other similar aspects of Fossey's work.

Ric Elliot

This character is a student from England.

Tim White

This character is traveling around the world on his own and stops in at Karisoke for a one-day layover...

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