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Chapters 1 through 3

• Dian Fossey wanted to go to Africa to study gorillas.

• Fossey met Louis and Mary Leakey.

• Fossey took out a loan to go to Africa for seven weeks.

• Leakey suggested a long-term study.

• Fossey visits the Leakeys in Olduvai.

• The Leakeys found a giraffe fossil.
• Fossey got wounded but continued with her plans.

• Fossey was accompanied by Alan Root.

• Root began to film Fossey's study.

• Fossey met her first gorilla group.

• The gorillas were curious.
• Fossey returned to Kentucky to pay off the loan.

• Leakey approached Fossey about a long-term study.

• Fossey was met in Nairobi by Joan Root.

• Fossey gathered necessary supplies.
• A tracker was hired to work and to teach Fossey the skill.

• The camp is detailed.

• Gorillas can be identified by nose prints.

• Fossey began interacting with the gorillas, often with comedic results.

• Fossey was forced from the camp due to political upheaval...

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