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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter VI (503-514).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Socrates try to test Callicles?
(a) Because he believes Callicles is ignorant.
(b) Because he wants to set an example.
(c) Because he believes everything should be tested to ensure it is genuine.
(d) Because he wants to prove his superiority.

2. What is the benefit Callicles believes will come from those who have been wronged?
(a) They become stronger.
(b) They will be at peace.
(c) They will stop asserting their authority over naturally superior people.
(d) They will educate others on how to do right.

3. Socrates believes self-rule is more important than ruling others. Why?
(a) Because ruling oneself produces more self-control.
(b) Because one only knows himself, not others.
(c) Because people take good care of themselves but not others.
(d) Because people should not be concerned with others.

4. Why does Socrates believe wrongdoers who go unpunished are more wretched than the punished?
(a) Because they know they will go to Hades.
(b) Because they will be publicly shunned.
(c) Because committing injustice is worse than suffering.
(d) Because they have lost their humanity.

5. In Socrates' opinion, what is an evil way to deal with injustice?
(a) Cover up the act.
(b) To punish outside the prescription of court.
(c) Using rhetoric to defend injustice.
(d) To make exceptions based on reputation.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Socrates believe power is beneficial to?

2. According to Callicles, what kingdoms have the right to invade others?

3. Socrates makes the comparison: medicine is to sickness and justice is to _____.

4. What does Socrates believe that satisfying desires is equal to?

5. Socrates believes to learn rhetoric, what must one also learn?

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