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Lesson 1 (from Chapter I (447-457))



The primary topic of Chapter 1 is "rhetoric." The individuals discuss and define "rhetoric" for themselves, thus teaching the reader. In this lesson, dissect and discuss rhetoric as it is defined in Chapter 1 by the philosophers.


1) Data Collection: Ask the students to list what constitutes "rhetoric," in their understanding of it, after reading Chapter 1.

2) Definition: Ask the students to argue their opinions and knowledge of rhetoric based on evidence gathered in Chapter 1 as well as their in their independent understanding of it. Ask students, through their arguments, to develop a definition of "rhetoric."

3) Class Discussion: What has the discussion in Chapter 1 taught us about rhetoric? What does rhetoric encompass? What does it influence? How does it aid to society and humanity? How successfully do these men relay "rhetoric" to us? What are good examples of rhetoric in this chapter? Where do they fall short? Is...

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