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Board Game

Create a board game of "Gorgias."

Comic Book

Draw a comic book version of "Gorgias."

Cover Art

Design new cover art for "Gorgias."

Your Voice

Choose a chapter of Gorgias and insert your voice into it, proposing an alternate argument.

Nwspaper Article

Write a newspaper article describing a new country that has been founded on the principals of Socrates' ideal government.


Write a poem describing Socrates' idea of death and the transition to the afterlife.


Draw a picture of the men in the midst of their debate.

Critical Essay

Write an essay criticizing or praising your government based on the ideas set forth in "Gorgias."

New Chapter

Add a chapter to Gorgias discussing a relevant subject that can be tied to the themes of the discussion. Mimic the language used in "Gorgias."


The men use several examples of powerful men to uphold their...

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