Gorgias Character Descriptions

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Callicles - This person is very critical of law because he feels it goes against the order of nature.

Socrates - This person engages in the discussion to learn the art of rhetoric but begins to explain his values of justice and harmony.

Gorgias - This person attempts to educate the other characters about the art of rhetoric.

Polus - This person is youthful, full of vigor, but abuses his freedom of speech, making anything he says irrelevant.

Chaerephon - This person's role in the conversation is to use his skills to emulate his teacher's manner of speaking and support his arguments.

Eurypides - This person greatly influenced modern drama with his plays Alcestis, Medea, Electra, and the Bacchae.

Archelaus - This person regarded air and infinity as the principle of living things, excluding Mind from the world creation.

Cinesias - This person is a character in...

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