The Good Person of Szechuan Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What does Wong tell the audience?

Wong tells the audience three Gods are visiting his poverty stricken home town of Szechuan. He says the town folk are expecting the Gods to change their lives.

2. How does Wong help the Gods?

Wong tries to help the Gods find a place to stay for the night. He tells the Gods that everyone in the village would be willing to put them up, but everyone turns them away. As a last resort Wong takes them to the house of Shen Te's, a local prostitute.

3. What problem do the Gods face?

After the majority of the town have turned them away, the Gods complain it is the same everywhere in the world. All they want to find is a good person, but everyone they meet is non-religious.

4. Why does Wong runaway from the Gods?

When Wong first asks Shen Te to allow the Gods to sleep in her house she tells him she cannot because she is expecting a customer. However, when Wong leaves she changes her mind and welcomes the Gods into her house. Wong goes back to where he left the Gods, but after finding them gone he presumes they are angry with him. Frightened, Wong runs away.

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