The Good Person of Szechuan Character Descriptions

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The Carpet dealer and his wife - They run a shop near Shen Teh's tobacco shop. When Shen Teh is happy about her relationship with Yang Sun, she buys a shawl from their shop.

Elderly couple - They were Shen Teh's first landlords when she moved to the city from the countryside. They made her leave when she ran out of money.

Shu Fu - He has both good and bad points. He attacks Wang with curling tongs and break his hand in the process. However, he is enamored by Shen Teh and donates several buildings on his property to her so that she can house the homeless.

The Man - The Man

See Elderly couple

Mrs. Shin - She is the woman from whom Shen Teh buys her tobacco shop. The sale makes Shin a pauper, and she demands rice and money from the prostitute...

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