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Ann-Marie MacDonald
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Constance resent playing?
(a) Herself.
(b) The fool.
(c) The mediator.
(d) Always the bridegroom, never the bride.

2. What does Desdemona urge Constance to do?
(a) To interrupt every tragedy she sees being staged.
(b) To study violence and become a warrior.
(c) To stalk the mean Professor.
(d) To marry Iago.

3. What does Othello make Iago do?
(a) Confess his sins to a priest.
(b) Apologize to Desdemona.
(c) Kill himself.
(d) Slop out the privy.

4. Where is Desdemona murdered?
(a) In her bedchamber.
(b) In the garden.
(c) In the kitchen.
(d) In the shower.

5. What does the Chorus imply about Constance's mind?
(a) That it has disappeared.
(b) That it is divided.
(c) That it is crazy.
(d) That it is brilliant.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Romeo declare?

2. What has fled entirely?

3. What does Constance do during the handkerchief scene?

4. From what can gold be derived?

5. What does Othello realize?

Short Essay Questions

1. Several times Constance bemoans the fact that there is no fool in either of Shakespeare's plays OTHELLO nor ROMEO AND JULIET. Who supplies the role of fool in this scene?

2. What happens in the first vignette of the Dumbshow and from where do you think this scene is derived?

3. What happens in the second vignette of the Dumbshow and from where do you think this scene is derived?

4. Describe the scene between Juliet and her nurse--do you think the nurse is wise?

5. Describe the interaction between Desdemona and Constance after Othello has dragged Iago off the stage.

6. What is happening as Constance arrives in Verona and what does she do about it?

7. How do Othello and Desdemona first react to Constance?

8. What happens in the third vignette of the Dumbshow?

9. How does Othello punish Iago and is the punishment fitting?

10. What information does the monologue deliver and what literary technique might this be?

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