Daily Lessons for Teaching Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet)

Ann-Marie MacDonald
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Lesson 1 (from Act 1, The Dumbshow)


Genre. GOODNIGHT DESDEMONA is a play, which is of the genre called "drama." Plays are a form of fiction that differs from novels or short stories.

The objective of this lesson is to understand genre.


1. Class discussion. Discuss with the class the various genres in fiction including the ways in which drama differs from other fiction.

2. Homework. Students will research genre in fiction and write a short paper depicting the types and differences between the various genre.

3. Group work. Students in groups will choose a genre other than drama and outline how GOODNIGHT DESDEMONA could be told in a different genre.

4. Class work. Students will write a short paper on what their favorite genre is, why they like it and how they think GOODNIGHT DESDEMONA would change if it had been written in their favorite genre.

Lesson 2 (from Act 1, The Dumbshow)


An in-depth understanding of GOODNIGHT DESDEMONA partly...

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