Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet) Fun Activities

Ann-Marie MacDonald
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Design a playbill advertising the staging of GOODNIGHT DESDEMONA.

Screen Script

Choose one Scene to rewrite into a screen script.


Choose one scene and have classmate volunteers act while you direct the acting of the scene.

Create a Movie, Part 1

Cast a group of present-day (21st Century) actors for the major roles of GOODNIGHT DESDEMONA.

Create a Movie, Part 2

Choose a location or two for filming, stating why you think it is a good "on location" for the movie.

Create a Movie, Part 3

Write and direct a trailer to advertise the movie.

Costume Day

Come dressed as one of the characters (in drag or not).

Scene Design

Design one scene setting for the play.

Travel to Verona

Book a trip to Verona and list the things you would want to see.

Travel to Cyprus

Book a trip to Cyprus and list the things you would want...

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