Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet) Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Ann-Marie MacDonald
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Essay Topic 1

One dramatic technique that opens and closes GOODNIGHT DESDEMONA is that of the Chorus. Answer the following questions in a well-developed essay using examples from the book as well as personal experience:

1. Research the use of the Chorus both in Greek plays and Shakespeare's plays and compare the two uses.

2. Compare the use of the Chorus in GOODNIGHT DESDEMONA with how it is used in both Shakespeare's and Greek plays.

3. Do you think the Chorus adds or detracts from the play as a whole? Explain with examples.

Essay Topic 2

An in-depth understanding of GOODNIGHT DESDEMONA partly hinges on understanding the corresponding characters from Shakespeare's plays Romeo and Juliet and Othello. Choose one of the following questions and write a well-organized essay using detailed examples from the text and your research to support your statements.

1. Compare and contrast the character of Desdemona from the plays GOODNIGHT DESDEMONA...

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