Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet) Character Descriptions

Ann-Marie MacDonald
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Author - See Constance Ledbelly

Chorus - This is the mysterious and riddling narrator of the play as well as the Ghost of Act 3, Scene 6.

Desdemona - This character is Othello's wife and victim in Shakespeare's tragedy.

Ghost - See Chorus.

Iago - This character is one of English literature's most famous villains who is a bitter and crafty liar and who manipulates Othello into killing his wife.

Juliet - This thirteen-year-old female character is known throughout the world as a symbol of young love.

Constance Ledbelly - The protagonist of the play, this character is an assistant professor at Queen's University who finds her true identity by traveling through the worlds of Shakespeare's works.

Mercutio - This character is Romeo's close friend and kinsman.

Professor Claude Night - Charming and manipulative, this character is the object of Constance's affections until she finally gets over him.


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