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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Baily begin to ask for?
(a) Help
(b) Directions
(c) Food
(d) The time

2. What happens to the car when Bailey loses control?
(a) It drives into a ditch
(b) It drives into a river
(c) It runs into a field
(d) It turns over

3. What did Edgar used to carve on his water melon?
(a) His initials
(b) Grandmother's name
(c) The sun
(d) A smiley face

4. Why is the dirt road such a rough ride?
(a) Grandma is over excited
(b) Dust impairs Bailey's view
(c) It has many sharp curves, hills and embankments
(d) It is full of pot holes

5. What does O'Connor say Grandmother's face looks like when she is lying in the ditch?
(a) Like the devil
(b) Like a grave stone
(c) Like a smiling child
(d) Like an angel

6. Why is Bailey so impatient?
(a) Because the baby is crying
(b) Because the driving conditions are so bad
(c) Because the children are fighting
(d) Because grandmother will not stop talking

7. What does Jane Star do in the restaurant?
(a) She vomits
(b) She tap dances
(c) She plays guitar
(d) She sings

8. Who does the Grandmother say has escaped from prison?
(a) The Misfit
(b) The Nutcase
(c) The Fox
(d) Bread Basket

9. What does the Misfit say to Grandmother when she tells him he is good?
(a) So why am I so bad
(b) I am not good
(c) I am the devil's child
(d) Be quiet

10. What does John Wesley ask about?
(a) The type of car they have
(b) The men's guns
(c) Why the driver is not wearing a shirt
(d) The drivers name

11. What does Grandmother remember visiting in the area when she was young?
(a) A plantation
(b) A bar
(c) A slaughter house
(d) A forest

12. Where does the Grandmother hide her cat?
(a) In her pocket
(b) In a basket
(c) Up her jumper
(d) Under the front seat

13. What do they eat at the restaurant?
(a) Corn dogs
(b) Barbecued sandwiches
(c) Pickled sausage
(d) Fried chicken

14. Who told The Misfit that he had killed his father?
(a) His lawyer
(b) A prison warden
(c) The prison psychiatrist
(d) His mother

15. How does Grandmother respond to John Wesley's statement that he wants to get out of Georgia?
(a) She agrees with him
(b) She tells Bailey to stop the car before lecturing them all on the virtues of Georgia
(c) She tells him he should not respond to their native state in that way.
(d) She laughs

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Grandmother take her cat onto the trip?

2. What is the name of Bailey's daughter?

3. Where do the children fall to when the car turns over?

4. What does Red Sammy agree with Grandmother about?

5. Where does the Grandmother tell her son they should not go on vacation?

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