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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Grandmother say when The Misfit apologizes for not wearing a shirt?
(a) You have a fine figure
(b) Why don't you apologize for your crimes
(c) You would look better in a woolly jumper
(d) Bailey has a spare one in his suitcase

2. What does Hiram have with him?
(a) Bailey's shirt
(b) Bailey's arm
(c) John's pants
(d) A dead deer

3. Where is the Misfit heading?
(a) Florida
(b) California
(c) Ohio
(d) New York

4. What does Grandmother tell the Misfit when he starts to talk about his family?
(a) Be quiet
(b) You are blaming everyone, but yourself
(c) You have had a hard time
(d) You can be honest

5. Who is interested in the silver?
(a) Bailey's wife
(b) John Wesley and Jane Star
(c) Grandmother
(d) Bailey

6. What did Edgar used to carve on his water melon?
(a) The sun
(b) Grandmother's name
(c) A smiley face
(d) His initials

7. What does the Misfit talk about when Mother asks where they have taken Bailey?
(a) His family
(b) The afterlife
(c) Murder
(d) His crime

8. Who is the first person in the car the next morning?
(a) Bailey
(b) Grandmother
(c) John Wesley
(d) Jane Star

9. What has The Misfit forgotten?
(a) His shirt
(b) What landed him in prison
(c) His real name
(d) His wallet

10. What does Misfit say "It's no real pleasure in?"
(a) The eldery
(b) Jesus
(c) Life
(d) Killing

11. What does the Misfit ask Mother?
(a) Would like some water
(b) Would you like his shirt
(c) Would you like to leave
(d) Would you like to join your husband

12. How has mother hurt herself?
(a) She has broken her hand
(b) She ripped off a nail
(c) She has cut her hand
(d) She has broken her shoulder

13. How does Grandmother respond to John Wesley's statement that he wants to get out of Georgia?
(a) She tells Bailey to stop the car before lecturing them all on the virtues of Georgia
(b) She agrees with him
(c) She laughs
(d) She tells him he should not respond to their native state in that way.

14. Where does Grandmother fall to when the car turns over?
(a) To the floor
(b) Under the front seat
(c) The front seat
(d) She stays where she is

15. What does The Misfit do when he sees the cat?
(a) He shoots it
(b) He kicks it
(c) He hisses at it
(d) He picks it up

Short Answer Questions

1. How many times does the Misfit shoot Grandmother in the chest?

2. What does O'Connor say Grandmother's face looks like when she is lying in the ditch?

3. What does Grandmother kick?

4. Why is John Wesley anxious to get through Georgia?

5. What does John want to sneak inside the house?

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