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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does John Wesley tell his Grandma?
(a) She should be quiet
(b) She should stop watching so much television
(c) She should relax
(d) She should stay at home

2. Who gets out of the car last?
(a) The driver
(b) The man on the back seat
(c) The man on the front seat
(d) O'Connor does not say

3. Why is John Wesley anxious to get through Georgia?
(a) There is nothing to look at
(b) It is too hot
(c) He does not like the south
(d) He sees The Misfit

4. Why does Bailey say they are not allowed inside the house?
(a) It will bring back too many bad memories
(b) They don't know who lives there
(c) It is likely to be too run down
(d) It will take too long

5. Where is the plantation Grandmother can remember?
(a) Tennessee
(b) North Carolina
(c) New York
(d) Kentucky

6. Who gave The Misfit his name?
(a) He did
(b) His mother
(c) The Police
(d) His father

7. What does the Grandmother tell the Misfit for the second time as Bailey and John are being lead away?
(a) He is a good man
(b) Go to hell
(c) Does he not believe in God
(d) He is an evil man

8. What does Misfit instruct his men to do with Grandmother's body?
(a) Throw it with the others
(b) Cook it
(c) Put it in the boot of the car
(d) Burn it

9. Where does the Grandmother hide her cat?
(a) In her pocket
(b) In a basket
(c) Up her jumper
(d) Under the front seat

10. What does the Misfit say about his parents?
(a) They were hypocrites
(b) They were never there.
(c) They were fine people
(d) They were evil

11. What does Jane Star do in the restaurant?
(a) She tap dances
(b) She plays guitar
(c) She sings
(d) She vomits

12. What does Grandmother say when she sees a black child sitting on a front porch?
(a) He looks hungry
(b) A black boy should not expose himself to the world like that
(c) She would paint him if she was a painter
(d) He reminds her of an old childhood friend.

13. What sound follows a scream in the woods?
(a) A second scream
(b) A flap of bird wings
(c) A laugh
(d) A gunshot

14. What is the children's initial reaction to the accident?
(a) They cry
(b) They laugh
(c) They ask if Bailey can do it again
(d) They scream

15. How many people are in the car?
(a) One
(b) Three
(c) Four
(d) Two

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the Misfit talk to Grandmother about when they are alone?

2. What does Misfit say "It's no real pleasure in?"

3. Where is the Misfit's father buried?

4. What does Misfit continue to do when he hears the two gun shots?

5. What does Grandmother do before they leave?

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