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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What reason does the Grandmother give for not going to Florida?
(a) They have already been
(b) Florida is too expensive
(c) There is a hurricaine approaching the area
(d) The children will be bored

2. What does the Grandmother initially remember about the plantation?
(a) The workers
(b) The dirt road
(c) Her first love
(d) The house

3. What does O'Connor say happens to the Misfit's voice?
(a) It cracks
(b) It deepens
(c) He loses it completely
(d) It goes high

4. Where is the Misfit's father buried?
(a) Hill top methodist church yard
(b) In the Misfit's back garden
(c) Under the Misfit's floorboards
(d) Mount hopewell Baptist churchyard

5. What does the Misfit apologize to the women about?
(a) For being a bad person
(b) For not wearing a shirt
(c) For his body odour
(d) For his gallows humor

6. What does John Wesley do as he walks to the woods?
(a) Screams
(b) Tries to grab one of the mens guns
(c) Cries
(d) Holds his father's hand

7. What does Misfit say "It's no real pleasure in?"
(a) Jesus
(b) The eldery
(c) Killing
(d) Life

8. What does the Misfit do when Grandmother begins to cry?
(a) He shoots her
(b) He laughs at her
(c) He tells her to shut up
(d) He comforts her

9. Why does the Grandmother want to get the children on her side?
(a) They are more likely to persuade Bailey to go to the Plantation
(b) She wants to annoy Bailey
(c) She wants their attention
(d) She thinks she knows what they want

10. What does Jane Star say when the restaurant owners wife asks her if she would to be her little girl?
(a) Could she eat at the restaurant everyday
(b) She would love to
(c) Her family abuses her
(d) She would never live in such a run down place

11. What does Grandmother say when The Misfit apologizes for not wearing a shirt?
(a) You would look better in a woolly jumper
(b) Why don't you apologize for your crimes
(c) You have a fine figure
(d) Bailey has a spare one in his suitcase

12. What does John Wesley ask about?
(a) The drivers name
(b) Why the driver is not wearing a shirt
(c) The type of car they have
(d) The men's guns

13. What year was the story first published?
(a) 1971
(b) 1962
(c) 1955
(d) 1980

14. What does the Misfit do with the shirt?
(a) He tears it up
(b) He puts it on
(c) He ties it around his waist
(d) He throws it at Grandmother

15. What does the Misfit tell the family once they know his identity?
(a) If they want to come out for dinner
(b) If they can help him cross the border
(c) They would of been better off if they did not know
(d) If they can give him petrol

Short Answer Questions

1. What are all three of the men carrying?

2. How much mileage is on the car clock at the beginning of the journey?

3. Where does Grandmother fall to when the car turns over?

4. Why does he call himself the Misfit?

5. Who interrupts Bailey's plea for help?

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