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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Grandmother remember visiting in the area when she was young?
(a) A forest
(b) A bar
(c) A slaughter house
(d) A plantation

2. What does Grandmother do once she is back in the car?
(a) She dozes
(b) She faints
(c) She has a stroke
(d) She vomits

3. What does the Misfit do when Grandmother begins to cry?
(a) He laughs at her
(b) He shoots her
(c) He tells her to shut up
(d) He comforts her

4. What does Misfit say his father died of?
(a) TB
(b) The scurvy
(c) A broken heart
(d) The flu

5. What does Grandmother stop the children from doing?
(a) Throwing their garbage out of the window
(b) Screaming
(c) Choking
(d) Sticking their heads out of the window

6. What does Grandmother remind Bailey about on the journey?
(a) Not to stop for hitchhikers
(b) To goto a nice restaurant
(c) The speed limit
(d) To stop for petrol

7. Who is the only member of the family to survive?
(a) June Starr
(b) Bailey
(c) The cat
(d) Baby

8. What are the names of the two men traveling with the Misfit?
(a) Hiram and Jude
(b) Hiram and Bobby Lee
(c) Frankie and Jackie
(d) Bobby Lee and Harold

9. What reason does Grandmother say a black boy ate the melon?
(a) He was hungry
(b) He was obsessed with water melons
(c) He was jealous of Edgar
(d) He saw the initials E.A.T.

10. What does the guessing game turn into?
(a) A burping contest
(b) A screaming content
(c) An argument
(d) A fight

11. Why is John Wesley anxious to get through Georgia?
(a) There is nothing to look at
(b) It is too hot
(c) He sees The Misfit
(d) He does not like the south

12. Between what two people does Grandmother sit during the trip?
(a) Bailey and his wife
(b) John Wesley and Jane Star
(c) Jane Star and Bailey
(d) John Wesley and Bailey

13. Why does Grandmother kick the valise?
(a) She gets over excited
(b) Bailey says something cruel
(c) She has a sudden realization
(d) John hits her in the stomach

14. What does the Misfit say would have happened if the story about Jesus was true?
(a) I would not be the way I am
(b) There would be no christianity
(c) People would feel less guilty
(d) There would be no suffering

15. Who is the first person in the car the next morning?
(a) Jane Star
(b) John Wesley
(c) Grandmother
(d) Bailey

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the owner of the Tower restaurant?

2. What does John Wesley do as he walks to the woods?

3. Why is the dirt road such a rough ride?

4. What time do the family leave for Atlanta?

5. Who is the only member of the family who does not go in the woods?

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