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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does the driver want John to stay with his mother?
(a) A boy should always stick with his mother
(b) Children make him nervous
(c) She is injured
(d) His mother's life is in danger

2. What was grandmother's sudden realization that caused the accident?
(a) She had forgotten her purse
(b) She never liked the plantation
(c) The plantation and house was destroyed when she was a child
(d) The plantation was not in Georgia

3. What did Edgar used to carve on his water melon?
(a) The sun
(b) A smiley face
(c) His initials
(d) Grandmother's name

4. Why is John Wesley anxious to get through Georgia?
(a) He sees The Misfit
(b) He does not like the south
(c) It is too hot
(d) There is nothing to look at

5. What does the Misfit do when Grandmother recognizes him?
(a) He admits it is true
(b) He laughs
(c) He denies it
(d) He shoots her

6. What does the Misfit do when Grandmother touches him on the shoulder?
(a) Cries
(b) Hugs her
(c) Shoots her
(d) Kicks her in the shin

7. Why does Grandmother lie about the silver?
(a) She wants to make the children happy
(b) She knows Bailey would not agree to go otherwise
(c) She wants to cause trouble
(d) She is a pathological liar

8. Who does the Misfit say is the only person who can raise people from the dead?
(a) Jesus
(b) Grandmother
(c) Buddha
(d) Himself

9. What does the Grandmother scream as Bailey is being led away?
(a) Bailey's name
(b) The lord's name
(c) Murderer
(d) Is there any justice

10. What does Misfit say his father died of?
(a) A broken heart
(b) The scurvy
(c) The flu
(d) TB

11. How does O'Connor describe the Misfit's car?
(a) A blood red murder mobile
(b) A white and clean cut automobile
(c) A grey bubble shaped automobile
(d) A black hearse-like automobile

12. Who does June Star not want to hold hands with?
(a) The Misfit
(b) Her mother
(c) Hiram
(d) Bobby Lee

13. What does Grandmother do once she is back in the car?
(a) She has a stroke
(b) She faints
(c) She vomits
(d) She dozes

14. Where did The Misfit say he and his friends got there clothes?
(a) Walmart
(b) From some people they met
(c) A prison warden
(d) They stole them from a shop

15. Why does Bailey say they are not allowed inside the house?
(a) It is likely to be too run down
(b) They don't know who lives there
(c) It will take too long
(d) It will bring back too many bad memories

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Bailey say about Georgia?

2. What time do the family leave for Atlanta?

3. What color dress is Grandmother wearing?

4. What does Bailey do when the cat jumps onto his shoulder?

5. What do the children eat for their lunch?

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