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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the Misfit tell the family once they know his identity?
(a) If they can give him petrol
(b) They would of been better off if they did not know
(c) If they want to come out for dinner
(d) If they can help him cross the border

2. How long long does Hiram say it will take to fix the car?
(a) Two hours
(b) Three hours
(c) An hour
(d) Half an hour

3. Where do the children fall to when the car turns over?
(a) Out of the door
(b) The front of the car
(c) The floor
(d) Through the front window

4. Who gave The Misfit his name?
(a) The Police
(b) He did
(c) His mother
(d) His father

5. What does the Grandmother think about the driver?
(a) He is handsome
(b) He is a spiritual man
(c) He is familiar
(d) He is evil

6. What does Grandmother say when she sees a black child sitting on a front porch?
(a) She would paint him if she was a painter
(b) A black boy should not expose himself to the world like that
(c) He looks hungry
(d) He reminds her of an old childhood friend.

7. What does Grandmother offer to do to keep them quiet?
(a) Let them stroke her cat
(b) Sing
(c) Tell them a story
(d) Tell a joke

8. What does John Wesley do as he walks to the woods?
(a) Screams
(b) Cries
(c) Tries to grab one of the mens guns
(d) Holds his father's hand

9. What does the Misfit do when Grandmother begins to cry?
(a) He tells her to shut up
(b) He shoots her
(c) He laughs at her
(d) He comforts her

10. What two people return from the woods?
(a) Bailey and John Wesley
(b) Bobby Lee and Hiram
(c) Hiram and John Wesley
(d) Hiram and Bailey

11. What do the children eat for their lunch?
(a) Packed lunches
(b) A pizza
(c) McDonalds
(d) KFC

12. What is the children's initial reaction to the accident?
(a) They scream
(b) They ask if Bailey can do it again
(c) They cry
(d) They laugh

13. What does Misfit continue to do when he hears the two gun shots?
(a) Shout at Mother
(b) Talk about the past
(c) Laugh
(d) Fix the car

14. What does Grandmother do once she is back in the car?
(a) She vomits
(b) She has a stroke
(c) She dozes
(d) She faints

15. What does the driver tell John to do?
(a) Smile
(b) Be quiet
(c) Find some wood
(d) Stay with his mother

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Jane Star say the Grandmother will go on the trip?

2. What was the name of the man in Grandmother's story

3. What does the Misfit reply when Grandmother asks if he prays?

4. How many times does Bailey say they can stop after visiting the plantation?

5. What does John Wesley tell his Grandma?

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