A Good Man Is Hard to Find Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe what Grandmother is wearing in the car?

Grandmother is wearing a navy blue dress with a navy blue hat. Her collars and cuff are made from lace.

2. Why do you think both Grandmother and Mother remain unnamed throughout the book?

Grandmother and Mother remain unnamed, highlighting the significance that O'Connor puts on the women's role through the book. Unlike the men they have a more defined role as mothers, wives and grandmothers, which is what gives them their identity.

3. Do you think the family respects Grandmother?

The family show a complete disregard for the Grandmother and seem only to tolerate her. When she is talking in the car the children read comics while Mother sleeps.

4. Why do you think Grandmother smuggles the cat into the car?

Grandmother knows the family do not respect her and rarely listen to anything she says. By taking the cat with her she has a loyal presence and in her mind an ally that can keep her company.

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