A Good Man Is Hard to Find Fun Activities

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Grouchy Old Man or Woman

Grandmother often complains about the lack of respect she receives and even blames America's problems on Europe. In a group pretend you are an old miser, think about all the problems you have in your life and whom you can blame them on.

Newspaper Article

Write a newspaper article about the killings in the book.

Serial Killer

Design your own serial killer. Think about his background, his looks and his motive.

Magazine Cutouts

Cut a photograph out from a magazine or newspaper of someone you do not know and add a headline and caption linking them to a murder.

Play Writing

Write a play about a family driving in a car. Where are they going? Do they get on? Be prepared to perform the play in front of the class.

What If?

The book ends with the Misfit shooting the Grandmother. Write an...

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