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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What Patimkin family business does Julie tattle to Neil about?
(a) Mrs. Patimkin is planning a huge wedding anniversary party.
(b) Ron has joined the army and is leaving soon.
(c) Mr. Patimkin is seeing his secretary after work.
(d) Harriet is coming and there will be a quick wedding at the house.

2. What causes a commotion downstairs while Neil is unpacking for the weekend?
(a) Mrs. Patimkin is furious that Neil is staying over while she is palnning a wedding.
(b) Mrs. Patimkin is angry with Brenda because she never picks up her clothes.
(c) Mrs. Patimkin is screaming at Carlotta for doing a bad job of shopping.
(d) Mrs. Patimkin is having a showdown with her husband over his secretary.

3. In a letter, when does Brenda say she will be returning from school?
(a) In a month after her exams.
(b) For Rosh Hashana which is a week away.
(c) For spring break.
(d) In two weeks to shop for winter clothes in New York.

4. As Ron gets into his reverie, what does Neil do?
(a) He falls asleep.
(b) He picks up a book to read.
(c) He thinks about Aunt gladys.
(d) He tiptoes out of the room and closes the door.

5. Where did Ron get the record he puts on the phonograph?
(a) He got it at graduation from Ohio State University.
(b) Brenda had given it ot him years ago.
(c) He found it at a flea market.
(d) He bought it in Columbus Ohio.

Short Answer Questions

1. What request does Brenda make of Neil in the store room?

2. What is so disturbing to Mrs. Patimkin?

3. Where does Neil finally find Brenda?

4. What is the weather like in Newark when Neil drives to the mountains to see the deer?

5. Three days before Ron's and Harriet's wedding, where do Neil and Brenda go?

Short Essay Questions

1. What problem does Brenda admit to Neil?

2. What is foreshadowed while Neil is at he house alone while the Patimkins go to the airport for Harriet?

3. What is strange about Mr. Patimkin's behavior at the wedding reception?

4. What is the underlying reason Harriet and Brenda go shopping in New York?

5. How does Mrs. Patimkin again use Neil as sort of a servant?

6. Why does Neil see Harriet as a perfect match for Ron?

7. What is it like when Neil and Brenda finally meet up in New York?

8. How does Neil view family members on both sides of the bridal couple?

9. How does Neil get his hopes up only to be dashed again?

10. As Neil and Brenda talk, what changes in the way they describe their relationship?

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