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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the reader know that Ron is a bit of a slob?
(a) Mrs. Patimkin always complains about his clothes on the floor.
(b) He never wears matching clothes.
(c) He scratches himself rudely wherever he is.
(d) He is noisy in his room at night stomping around and making crude sounds.

2. What is Ron doing when Neil arrives?
(a) Talking to some pretty female customers.
(b) Sitting in the office making calls.
(c) Teaching ghetto kids to play basketball.
(d) Supervising the unloading of some new porcelin sinks.

3. Why does Brenda chase Julie upstairs?
(a) Julie is tape recording the argument.
(b) Julie pinches Brenda.
(c) Julie tattles that Brenda is crying.
(d) Julie is making faces at her.

4. What is Brenda's objection to getting what Neil suggests?
(a) She thinks he should take care of the protection.
(b) She says a diaphragm would change their relationship.
(c) She is sure she cannot get pregnant.
(d) She cannot go to her doctor because he is a close friend of the family.

5. In a letter, when does Brenda say she will be returning from school?
(a) In a month after her exams.
(b) For Rosh Hashana which is a week away.
(c) For spring break.
(d) In two weeks to shop for winter clothes in New York.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens at the end of Neil's week at the Patimkin house?

2. Where does Neil wait for Brenda while she is at the doctor's office?

3. What is so disturbing to Mrs. Patimkin?

4. What does Ron invite Neil to do?

5. What request does Brenda make of Neil in the store room?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is foreshadowed while Neil is at he house alone while the Patimkins go to the airport for Harriet?

2. What is odd about Neil's and Brenda's love making after she gets the diaphragm?

3. What is the result of Neil's prayer in St. Patrick's cathedral?

4. What is Neil's mood the fall after Brenda returns to school?

5. Is there something shallow about the discussion of religion between Mrs. Patimkin and Neil? Explain.

6. How does Mrs. Patimkin again use Neil as sort of a servant?

7. What is the somber occasion between Neil and Brenda the day after the wedding?

8. What does Brenda show Neil behind a door in his room he thought was a closet?

9. What is the situation behind the argument over the diaphragm?

10. Describe the domestic scene between Brenda and Neil the following morning.

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