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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What prevents them for seeing much of each other the next day?
(a) The sudden arrival of Harriet's cousins.
(b) All of the activity surrounding the wedding.
(c) Brenda and Harriet spending most of the day in the beauty salon.
(d) The nervousness of their relationship after getting the diaphragm.

2. What Patimkin family business does Julie tattle to Neil about?
(a) Harriet is coming and there will be a quick wedding at the house.
(b) Mr. Patimkin is seeing his secretary after work.
(c) Mrs. Patimkin is planning a huge wedding anniversary party.
(d) Ron has joined the army and is leaving soon.

3. What does Neil do the day after the wedding?
(a) He slips out of the house and returns to Newark.
(b) He stays in his room and wonders if he will lose Brenda.
(c) At noon the day after the wedding, Neil drives Brenda to her train back to school.
(d) He returns to his job at the library.

4. What is so disturbing to Mrs. Patimkin?
(a) She is upset because Brenda has betrayed them by having a relationship with a boy from another social class.
(b) She is upset because she has a man picked out for Brenda to marry.
(c) She thinks Brenda has been acting out of spite against the family.
(d) She is upset because Brenda did not come and discuss things with her.

5. How does the reader know that Ron is a bit of a slob?
(a) He scratches himself rudely wherever he is.
(b) He is noisy in his room at night stomping around and making crude sounds.
(c) He never wears matching clothes.
(d) Mrs. Patimkin always complains about his clothes on the floor.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do Brenda and Neil begin to talk about their relationship?

2. What happens when Neil sees Brenda after so long a separation?

3. What does Mrs. Patimkin tell Brenda she should do?

4. Why does Brenda return alone from the airport?

5. What does Brenda show Neil in the room just off of the guest room?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Brenda suggest she make an athlete out of Neil?

2. Is there something shallow about the discussion of religion between Mrs. Patimkin and Neil? Explain.

3. How does Neil view family members on both sides of the bridal couple?

4. What is Neil's mood the fall after Brenda returns to school?

5. Why does Brenda get upset in the storage room?

6. How does Mrs. Patimkin again use Neil as sort of a servant?

7. What is missing at the library now?

8. Describe the domestic scene between Brenda and Neil the following morning.

9. What turns out to be the rush to get Ron married to Harriet?

10. What is strange about Mr. Patimkin's behavior at the wedding reception?

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