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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What antic does Neil perform at the pool?
(a) Neil dives in and surfaces like a dolphin beside Brenda, sliding her legs on his.
(b) He swims thirty laps without stopping.
(c) He does handstands on the diving board.
(d) He hides Brenda's glasses.

2. What is the area like in Short Hills?
(a) big houses people use only for the summer.
(b) Large houses with green lawns and water sprinklers.
(c) Mansions with valet service.
(d) Rows of highrise condos.

3. Why does Neil tell Aunt Gladys he is going to the Patimkin's house for a week?
(a) He says he hope Mr. Patimkin will help him get ahead in the world.
(b) Neil says he is just taking a vacation, because he deserves one.
(c) He says that he wants to give Aunt Gladys a vacation from him for a week.
(d) He says he is expecting to propose to Brenda.

4. How does Brenda change the subject and get Neil to stop playing?
(a) She threatens to scream.
(b) She tells him to grow up.
(c) She challenges him to a race across the pool.
(d) She asks about his parents.

5. What member of Neil's family does Brenda remember?
(a) She remembers Neil's sister who was in school at Radcliffe.
(b) She remembers his Aunt Doris, who is always at the Green Lane Country Club reading War and Peace.
(c) She remembers Neil's Uncle Max who helped her change a tire.
(d) She remembers Neil's cousin who sang at her debut ball.

Short Answer Questions

1. What shows Brenda's competitive nature?

2. How is Brenda dressed for dinner?

3. What comment does Neil make to Brenda about her mother.

4. What is the rule when Mr. Patimkin invites Neil to play basketball with him and Julie?

5. What is the little African-American boy doing in front of the library?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Brenda's neighborhood in Short Hills.

2. What does the basement reveal about he Patimkin family?

3. Explain the social and economic difference between Brenda and Neil.

4. What is learned about Mrs. Patimkin from the conversation Neil and Brenda have outside under a tree?

5. Relate what happens when Neil finds a refrigerator in the other part of the basement.

6. What is the image the reader gets of Ron as he joins Neil and Brenda at the pool?

7. How does Neil see Mr. Patimkin when he meets him at dinner?

8. What does Brenda do that suggests she is very infatuated with Neil?

9. Describe the young African-American boy Neil encounters in front of the library.

10. How is Julie's character further defined in the play room that evening?

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