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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Mrs. Patimkin say on the phone that she cannot leave at the moment?
(a) She says sheis expecting the florist at any moment.
(b) She says she has all the Hadassah calls to make.
(c) She says Brenda has her car.
(d) She says she has a headache.

2. What effect does everything have on Neil at this time?
(a) Everything seems distant.
(b) Everything is excitien.
(c) Everything makes him sad.
(d) Everything reminds him of Brenda.

3. Where does Neil find Mr. Patimkin's business?
(a) Not far from Aunt Gladys' house.
(b) In an upscale business district.
(c) Patimkin Kitchen and Bathroom Sinks is in the middle of Newark's African-American section.
(d) In a shopping mall.

4. When the subject of contraception becomes an argument, how does Brenda react?
(a) She shuts up and does not speak to him for hours.
(b) She tells Neil to leave her house.
(c) She starts to cry and goes back into the house.
(d) She slaps Neil in the face.

5. What excuse does Brenda make for her mother's behavior?
(a) Ron's upcoming wedding.
(b) Her menopause.
(c) Her migraine headaches.
(d) Julie's temper tantrums.

6. What is Ron doing when Neil arrives?
(a) Sitting in the office making calls.
(b) Teaching ghetto kids to play basketball.
(c) Talking to some pretty female customers.
(d) Supervising the unloading of some new porcelin sinks.

7. What happens at the end of Neil's week at the Patimkin house?
(a) Brenda asks him to stay until Labor Day which is the day of the wedding.
(b) Neil invites Brenda to come stay a week with him.
(c) Mrs. Patimkin asks Neil to vacate his room.
(d) Brenda decides to skip the wedding and return to Radcliffe early.

8. What does Neil think about as he drives into the area of the business?
(a) He wonders if the Patimkins tell their friends where the business is.
(b) He wonders if Uncle Max is in the area.
(c) He wonders if Brenda ever worked there.
(d) Neil wonders if he will see the kid from the library.

9. Where do Neil and Brenda go after breakfast?
(a) They go run on the high school track.
(b) They go to sporting goods store to buy Neil some sports outfits.
(c) They go shopping for a wedding gift.
(d) They go fishing in a lake nearby.

10. How does the relationship end?
(a) Neil and Brenda make love one last time.
(b) Neil returns to Newark in time for the Jewish New Year and a new beginning.
(c) Mr. Patimkin finds them and takes Brenda home.
(d) Brenda tells Neil she never loved him and walks out.

11. What request does Brenda make of Neil in the store room?
(a) To help her carry things down to the trash.
(b) He try on some of Ron's old sports gear.
(c) To make love to her on the old Newark sofa.
(d) To undress and let her body paint him.

12. When does Neil tell Brenda he loves her?
(a) After they check into a New York hotel.
(b) After she comes out of the doctor's office wearing the diaphragm.
(c) The night of the wedding rehearsal.
(d) Just before he asks her to marry him.

13. How do Brenda and Neil begin to talk about their relationship?
(a) As though it never happened.
(b) Out of fear.
(c) In the past tense.
(d) As a mismatch.

14. What are the men all talking about?
(a) As Neil waits for Brenda, the men talk about how much money they are making.
(b) They are talking about how bad business is.
(c) They are talking about sports.
(d) They are talking about how expensive daughters are.

15. In a letter, when does Brenda say she will be returning from school?
(a) For Rosh Hashana which is a week away.
(b) In two weeks to shop for winter clothes in New York.
(c) In a month after her exams.
(d) For spring break.

Short Answer Questions

1. After putting away their coats and suitcases in the hotel, what does Neil do?

2. What did Brenda once say that Neil believes hinted at marriage?

3. What does Ron ask Neil if he would like to listen to?

4. Where does Neil finally find Brenda?

5. What is Aunt Gladys' question when Neil calls to tell her he will be gone another week?

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