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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Neil think about the boy's not returning?
(a) He thinks the boy's family moved away.
(b) He thinks the boy has probably developed other interests.
(c) The kid is better off not carrying dreams of Tahiti in his head if he could not afford to fly there.
(d) He thinks the boy's friends teased him too much.

2. What does Brenda want to do for Neil?
(a) She wants to help him get a better paying job.
(b) She wants to let him watch her shower.
(c) She wants to train him to run track.
(d) She wants to give him a new car.

3. What Patimkin family business does Julie tattle to Neil about?
(a) Mr. Patimkin is seeing his secretary after work.
(b) Harriet is coming and there will be a quick wedding at the house.
(c) Mrs. Patimkin is planning a huge wedding anniversary party.
(d) Ron has joined the army and is leaving soon.

4. After putting away their coats and suitcases in the hotel, what does Neil do?
(a) He orders up room service.
(b) Neil goes to Brenda, puts his hands around her body, and holds her breasts.
(c) He asks Brenda if she want to shower with him.
(d) He puts on some music and asks Brenda to dance.

5. What does Brenda show Neil in the room just off of the guest room?
(a) Their old furniture from when they lived in Newark.
(b) Boxes and boxes of their old clothes that Mrs. Patimkin does not throw away.
(c) A four posted bed ready for them to use.
(d) Shelves and shelves of shoes.

6. How does Brenda reply to her mother's suggestion that she go to work?
(a) She has no job skills thanks to her mother's demands.
(b) She tells her mother if she wants more income for the family, she shoud go to work herself.
(c) Maybe she will work in McDonald's and tell everyone of Mrs. Patimkin's social friends.
(d) They could live off the income from their stocks alone.

7. How does Neil get away to go meet Brenda in New York?
(a) He decides to go to New York for the weekend anyway and convinces his boss he is anti-Semitic if he does not agree.
(b) He convinces another librarian to work for him on his days off.
(c) He agrees to work overtime without pay when he returns.
(d) He calls in sick.

8. How do Neil and Brenda pass the time at night until Ron finally goes to sleep?
(a) They watch TV with Mr. Patimkin.
(b) They sit outside and watch for Ron's light to go out.
(c) They read in their individual rooms.
(d) They play chess.

9. What request does Brenda make of Neil in the store room?
(a) To help her carry things down to the trash.
(b) He try on some of Ron's old sports gear.
(c) To make love to her on the old Newark sofa.
(d) To undress and let her body paint him.

10. When the subject of contraception becomes an argument, how does Brenda react?
(a) She tells Neil to leave her house.
(b) She slaps Neil in the face.
(c) She starts to cry and goes back into the house.
(d) She shuts up and does not speak to him for hours.

11. Where does Neil finally find Brenda?
(a) Neil finds Brenda asleep on a couch in the lobby at four o'clock.
(b) He finds her under the table where the wedding cake was.
(c) He finds her having an argument with her mother.
(d) He finds her asleep in his car.

12. What is Brenda's objection to getting what Neil suggests?
(a) She thinks he should take care of the protection.
(b) She is sure she cannot get pregnant.
(c) She cannot go to her doctor because he is a close friend of the family.
(d) She says a diaphragm would change their relationship.

13. Where do Neil and Brenda go after breakfast?
(a) They go to sporting goods store to buy Neil some sports outfits.
(b) They go shopping for a wedding gift.
(c) They go run on the high school track.
(d) They go fishing in a lake nearby.

14. What is Aunt Gladys doing during this time?
(a) She has gone back to school to be a teacher.
(b) Aunt Gladys is having ten people as guests for Rosh Hashanah.
(c) She is planning Susan's wedding.
(d) She is working for the Red Cross.

15. What does Mrs. Patimkin conclude about Neil's religious leaning?
(a) She decides he is probably an atheist.
(b) That since Hudson Street Synagogue is Orthodox, Neil must be too.
(c) She decides he is an idolator.
(d) She decides he is a Reform Jew.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Neil find Mr. Patimkin's business?

2. What is on the record Ron suggests Neil listen to?

3. Who does Neil miss seeing at the library?

4. Three days before Ron's and Harriet's wedding, where do Neil and Brenda go?

5. Why does Mrs. Patimkin say on the phone that she cannot leave at the moment?

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