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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Neil react to Brenda's invitation to spend a week at her house?
(a) He agrees eagerly and takes his vacation time.
(b) He says he'll have to check with his Aunt Gladys.
(c) He is shocked that she would suggest such a thing.
(d) He hesitates because of Mrs. Patimkin.

2. Where is the house of Neil Klugman's aunt and uncle where he lives?
(a) Lower Manhattan.
(b) The Bronx.
(c) Newark, New Jersey.
(d) Jersey City.

3. When Neil does not answer when Brenda asks if he loves her, what does Brenda say?
(a) She says she knows he does.
(b) She asks if the cat had gotten his tongue.
(c) She says for him to leave until he makes up his mind.
(d) She says she will sleep with him anyway.

4. What is the little African-American boy doing in front of the library?
(a) He is trying to climb the flagpole.
(b) He is growling at the stone lion statues.
(c) He is crying.
(d) He is break dancing.

5. What information does Neil get from Julie?
(a) That Brenda is engaged to be married.
(b) That Mrs. Patimkin does not like him.
(c) That Ron is flying to Milwaukee to see Harriet.
(d) That Brenda has many boyfriends.

6. What does Neil find in the basement?
(a) A refrigerator full of beer.
(b) A ping pong table with a broken leg.
(c) A playroom and a bar.
(d) A storage room.

7. When Neil wants to phone Brenda in Short Hills, New Jersey, where does he find the Short Hills phone directory?
(a) Under a laundry basket.
(b) At the next door neighbor's house.
(c) Holding up Anut Gladys' dresser.
(d) Out in the garage.

8. The first time Neil phones Brenda, why does she not come to the phone?
(a) Her mother does not call her to the phone.
(b) She is taking a bubble bath.
(c) She doesn't want to talk to him.
(d) She is out dining at the club.

9. When Neill finally stops at Brenda's house, where does he find her?
(a) She is waiting for him at her front door.
(b) She is in the kitchen having a cappuccino.
(c) She is talking to the gardener.
(d) She is playing tennis on her private tennis court.

10. What shows Neil's eagerness to see Brenda?
(a) He keeps looking at his watch.
(b) He changes his clothes seven times.
(c) He reads up on the lives of the rich and famous.
(d) He arrives early in Short Hills.

11. What do Aunt Gladys and Mrs. Patimkin have in common that is different from Neil?
(a) The women are very class and money conscious but Neil is not.
(b) The women are not religious but Neil is.
(c) The women are not patriotic but Neil is.
(d) The women know their family roots but Neil does not.

12. What shows Brenda's competitive nature?
(a) Brenda is arguing that her last shot was in bounds.
(b) Brenda is ahead five games to four.
(c) Brenda makes sure the score of each game is written down.
(d) Brenda does not notice Neil until the game is over.

13. What comment does Neil make to Brenda about her mother.
(a) That she seems to rule the household.
(b) That she could lose some weight.
(c) That he thinks she is beautiful.
(d) That she is a bit of a snob.

14. At the pool, what juvenile prank does Neil attempt?
(a) To remove his trunks under water.
(b) To hold Brenda under the water.
(c) To pull Brenda's bra straps down.
(d) To swim between Brenda's legs.

15. What biased reaction does the head librarian have about the boy's wanting to look at art?
(a) That he either wants to steal the books or to look at nude pictures and touch himself inappropriately.
(b) That the boy is sneaking around to find where the money is.
(c) That an African-American boy could not possibly have an interest in fine art.
(d) That the boy is uneducated and has no business in a library.

Short Answer Questions

1. How has Mrs. Patimkin reinvented herself?

2. What antic does Neil perform at the pool?

3. What does Neil take out of the refrigerator in the basement?

4. How do Neil and Brenda meet?

5. When Neil finds the boy later, what is he doing?

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