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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What invitation does Brenda extend to Neil?
(a) An invitation to dinner.
(b) An invitation to a picnic.
(c) An invitation to the opera.
(d) An invitation to play tennis.

2. What disruption takes place when Ron needs to leave?
(a) Mrs. Patimkin and Carlotta come out with coffee.
(b) A Chrysler and Neil's Plymouth need to be moved so Ron can get his Volkswagen out of the drive.
(c) Julie and Mr. Patimkin get into an arguement on the tennis court.
(d) There comes a brief shower and everyone has to take cover.

3. When Julie sees Neil get something from the refrigerator, what does she say?
(a) The cherries are not washed.
(b) She says the chocolates are for her mother.
(c) She says that Neil is like a street person.
(d) She is going to tell her mother that Neil was drinking beer.

4. What is the small boy who was outside growling at the lions asking for when he says he wants to see heart books?
(a) He wants to look at picture books of art.
(b) He wants books of Valentines.
(c) He does not want paperback books.
(d) He wants to learn about his father's medical condition.

5. What information does Neil get from Julie?
(a) That Mrs. Patimkin does not like him.
(b) That Brenda is engaged to be married.
(c) That Brenda has many boyfriends.
(d) That Ron is flying to Milwaukee to see Harriet.

6. What happens in the TV room later that night after Brenda returns?
(a) Neil proposes marriage.
(b) They make love on the sofa.
(c) They hold hands and drink wine.
(d) Brenda teases Neil by exposing her breasts.

7. How does Ron show off his athletic ability?
(a) He does pushups and situps on the side of the pool.
(b) He repeatedly swims the length of the pool.
(c) He does trick dives off the high board.
(d) He organizes a game of water polo.

8. What are some of the things they do together that summer?
(a) Play ping pong, visit museums, take long walks in Central Park.
(b) Go to Coney Island, drive to Atlantic City, visit Brenda's relatives.
(c) Drive into the mountains, go out to eat, watch Ron play basketball.
(d) Go to motels, see plays in New York, read books.

9. What shows Neil's eagerness to see Brenda?
(a) He keeps looking at his watch.
(b) He reads up on the lives of the rich and famous.
(c) He arrives early in Short Hills.
(d) He changes his clothes seven times.

10. What comment does Neil make to Brenda about her mother.
(a) That she seems to rule the household.
(b) That she is a bit of a snob.
(c) That he thinks she is beautiful.
(d) That she could lose some weight.

11. How is dinner different at the Patimkin's house from the dinner at Aunt Gladys' house?
(a) The Patimkins order in the dinner.
(b) Aunt Gladys' dinner is more formal.
(c) The dinner is served by the maid, Carlotta.
(d) The Patimkins all dress for dinner.

12. Where are the Patimkin's going while Neil babysits?
(a) To the Museum of Modern Art.
(b) To take Ron to the airport.
(c) To a reception for the mayor of New York.
(d) To attend a lecture.

13. What does Neil take out of the refrigerator in the basement?
(a) Beer.
(b) Chocolates.
(c) Sodas.
(d) Cherries.

14. How is Brenda a bit ambivalent about Neill's coming to her house?
(a) She says she doesn't have much time but he can come for fifteen minutes.
(b) She yawns but agrees he can come.
(c) She says that she is playing tennis tonight and will be sweaty afterwards, but he can come.
(d) She hesitates but finally says he can come.

15. Who is playing tennis with Brenda when Neill walks up?
(a) He finds her playing with her tennis coach.
(b) Brenda is playing with her father.
(c) Brenda is playing with her brother, Ron.
(d) He finds Brenda playing against Laura Simpson Stolowitch.

Short Answer Questions

1. What question is raised in the reader's mind about Brenda?

2. What is the area like in Short Hills?

3. How does Neil avoid the issue of the boy wanting to check the Gauguin book out of the library?

4. What shows that Neill is not a part of Brenda's social set?

5. What shows Brenda's independence at the Country Club pool?

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