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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When the family goes outside, what are Mr. Patimkin and his 10-year-old daughter Julie doing?
(a) Going for a swim.
(b) Playing basketball.
(c) Playing with the dog.
(d) Playing tennis.

2. What is the irony of the Patimkins' snobbery at Neil's living in Newark?
(a) They also have a house in Newark.
(b) They used to live in Newark before Mr. Patimkin became wealthy.
(c) Mrs. Patimkin refuses to admit she was born there.
(d) Mr. Patimkin is a large donor to the library where Neil works.

3. What shows that Neill is not a part of Brenda's social set?
(a) He asks her how he should dress.
(b) He asks if she would like to go to McDonald's.
(c) He says they can go out Dutch treat.
(d) He says he will be driving a Plymouth.

4. What comment does Neil make to Brenda about her mother.
(a) That she is a bit of a snob.
(b) That he thinks she is beautiful.
(c) That she seems to rule the household.
(d) That she could lose some weight.

5. Ironically, where is Mr. Patimkin's store that makes all the money for the family to live in Short Hills?
(a) In the Bronx.
(b) The African-American section of Newark.
(c) On the waterfront.
(d) In Brooklyn.

6. What impresses Aunt Gladys about Neil's description of the Patimkin house?
(a) That it is in Newark.
(b) That it has a narrow driveway.
(c) That it has so many rooms.
(d) That it is over their store.

7. What indicates that Brenda and her family are concerned with status and appearance?
(a) She talks about her trips to Paris.
(b) She asks Neil why he doesn't buy a Mercedes.
(c) She keeps telling Neil how expenisve everything is in her house.
(d) She has had a nose job and her brother is about to do it, too.

8. What question is raised in the reader's mind about Brenda?
(a) Is Brenda a girl who falls only for men beneath her station?
(b) Is Brenda simply bored with her summer vacation?
(c) Is she really interested in Neil or just having a forbidden fling?
(d) Is she really what she appears to be?

9. What is the difference in their educations?
(a) Brenda attends Radcliffe in Boston. Neil had attended Newark Colleges of Rutgers University, a lesser institution.
(b) Brenda makes only fair grades while Neil graduated at the top of his class.
(c) Brenda attends Radcliffe while Neil is working on a degree from community college.
(d) Brenda is still in school but Neill is a dropout.

10. What does Neil explain to the boy?
(a) That the Gauguin paintings were done in Tahiti.
(b) That the head librarian would be leaving in a few minutes.
(c) That he needs a library card to look at the books.
(d) That he should have his mother come with him to the library.

11. How does Ron show off his athletic ability?
(a) He does trick dives off the high board.
(b) He does pushups and situps on the side of the pool.
(c) He organizes a game of water polo.
(d) He repeatedly swims the length of the pool.

12. How is Neil's behavior the morning after his dinner with the Patimkin family?
(a) He is grumpy and does not want to go to work.
(b) He slouches on the library steps and waits for it to open.
(c) He notices things outside the library but he is daydreaming about Brenda.
(d) He is absent minded and forgets to lock his car.

13. What happens in the TV room later that night after Brenda returns?
(a) Brenda teases Neil by exposing her breasts.
(b) They make love on the sofa.
(c) They hold hands and drink wine.
(d) Neil proposes marriage.

14. What is the small boy who was outside growling at the lions asking for when he says he wants to see heart books?
(a) He wants books of Valentines.
(b) He wants to look at picture books of art.
(c) He wants to learn about his father's medical condition.
(d) He does not want paperback books.

15. When Neil wants to phone Brenda in Short Hills, New Jersey, where does he find the Short Hills phone directory?
(a) Under a laundry basket.
(b) Holding up Anut Gladys' dresser.
(c) At the next door neighbor's house.
(d) Out in the garage.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where are the Patimkin's going while Neil babysits?

2. What does Neil find in the basement?

3. When Julie sees Neil get something from the refrigerator, what does she say?

4. What invitation does Brenda extend to Neil?

5. When Neil says the Patimkins do not live over their store, what does Aunt Gladys say?

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