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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the area like in Short Hills?
(a) Large houses with green lawns and water sprinklers.
(b) Rows of highrise condos.
(c) big houses people use only for the summer.
(d) Mansions with valet service.

2. What antic does Neil perform at the pool?
(a) Neil dives in and surfaces like a dolphin beside Brenda, sliding her legs on his.
(b) He swims thirty laps without stopping.
(c) He does handstands on the diving board.
(d) He hides Brenda's glasses.

3. What is Brenda's objection to getting what Neil suggests?
(a) She says a diaphragm would change their relationship.
(b) She cannot go to her doctor because he is a close friend of the family.
(c) She is sure she cannot get pregnant.
(d) She thinks he should take care of the protection.

4. Where does Neil finally find Brenda?
(a) He finds her having an argument with her mother.
(b) Neil finds Brenda asleep on a couch in the lobby at four o'clock.
(c) He finds her under the table where the wedding cake was.
(d) He finds her asleep in his car.

5. Three days before Ron's and Harriet's wedding, where do Neil and Brenda go?
(a) They go to Aunt Gladys' house.
(b) They go to New Haven.
(c) They go to New York.
(d) They go to Columbus.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Brenda show Neil in the room just off of the guest room?

2. Why does Brenda chastise Neil after he returns home and calls her?

3. What request does Brenda make of Neil in the store room?

4. When Neil says the Patimkins do not live over their store, what does Aunt Gladys say?

5. When does Neil tell Brenda he loves her?

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