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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Neil see in the hall of the Patimkin house?
(a) Hunting trophies.
(b) Family photos.
(c) Brenda's blue ribbons.
(d) Louis IV chairs.

2. What does Neil ask Mrs. Patimkin if she has read?
(a) He asks if she has read Karl Marx.
(b) He asks if she has read the latest Life Magazine.
(c) He asks if she has read Origin of Species.
(d) He asks if she had read any of philosopher Martin Buber's work.

3. Why does Neil tell Aunt Gladys he is going to the Patimkin's house for a week?
(a) Neil says he is just taking a vacation, because he deserves one.
(b) He says he is expecting to propose to Brenda.
(c) He says he hope Mr. Patimkin will help him get ahead in the world.
(d) He says that he wants to give Aunt Gladys a vacation from him for a week.

4. What does Neil do the day after the wedding?
(a) He stays in his room and wonders if he will lose Brenda.
(b) At noon the day after the wedding, Neil drives Brenda to her train back to school.
(c) He slips out of the house and returns to Newark.
(d) He returns to his job at the library.

5. Where are all the other family members the morning Brenda is making breakfast for Neil?
(a) Mr. Patimkin and Ron are at the business, Mrs. Patimkin is at the temple, and Julie is outside.
(b) They are all sleeping in.
(c) The have gone to the polo field to watch Ron play.
(d) They have all gone shopping for wedding gifts.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who arrives at the pool and meets Neil?

2. When the family goes outside, what are Mr. Patimkin and his 10-year-old daughter Julie doing?

3. Where do Neil and Brenda go after breakfast?

4. What do Aunt Gladys and Mrs. Patimkin have in common that is different from Neil?

5. What is Neil's impression of Brenda as she plays tennis?

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