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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the pool, what juvenile prank does Neil attempt?
(a) To pull Brenda's bra straps down.
(b) To hold Brenda under the water.
(c) To remove his trunks under water.
(d) To swim between Brenda's legs.

2. Why is Neil going to the Patimkin's house that evening?
(a) He is going to talk with Mr. Patimkin about working in his store.
(b) He is going to park down the street and follow Brenda when she leaves the house.
(c) They have asked him to babysit Julie while they all go out.
(d) He is going with them to the opera.

3. Why does the boy not want to check out the Gauguin book after Neil promises to help him?
(a) He thinks it's too heavy to carry to his house.
(b) He fears it will get damaged in his house.
(c) He doesn't want the other boys to see what he is reading.
(d) He fears he might lose it and he cannot pay to replace it.

4. Who arrives at the pool and meets Neil?
(a) Brenda's mother.
(b) Brenda's ex-boyfriend.
(c) Brenda's brother, Ron.
(d) Several of Brenda's sorority sisters.

5. What shows Neil's eagerness to see Brenda?
(a) He changes his clothes seven times.
(b) He reads up on the lives of the rich and famous.
(c) He keeps looking at his watch.
(d) He arrives early in Short Hills.

Short Answer Questions

1. While Neil and the boy are looking at the art book, what is Neil seeing?

2. How does Neil feel being there as Julie's babysitter?

3. Where is the house of Neil Klugman's aunt and uncle where he lives?

4. When Neil says the Patimkins do not live over their store, what does Aunt Gladys say?

5. What do Neil and Julie do in the playroom?

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