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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Brenda feel about her mother?
(a) She thinks her mother hates her and is jealous of her.
(b) She thinks her mother is the world's greatest.
(c) She thinks her mother is uneducated.
(d) She thinks her mother stays at home too much.

2. What does Neil want to discuss with Brenda?
(a) He wants to know if she would consider marrying him.
(b) He wants her to get a diaphragm.
(c) He wants her to elope with him the night of Ron's wedding.
(d) He wants to borrow money for a new suit.

3. How does Neil avoid the issue of the boy wanting to check the Gauguin book out of the library?
(a) He says it is a reference book only and cannot be taken out.
(b) He says it is on hold and he can only look at it in the library.
(c) He says the boy needs to have his mother get a library card first.
(d) He says it is in need of repair and too fragile to take out.

4. What does Brenda allow Neil to do as they play in the pool?
(a) Hold her close under the water.
(b) Put suntan lotion on her body.
(c) Touch her breasts.
(d) Kiss her feet.

5. What do Neil and Brenda do as often as possible?
(a) Make love.
(b) Go swimming.
(c) Play tennis.
(d) Ride horses.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Neil does not answer when Brenda asks if he loves her, what does Brenda say?

2. When the family goes outside, what are Mr. Patimkin and his 10-year-old daughter Julie doing?

3. What is Brenda's objection to getting what Neil suggests?

4. How does Mrs. Patimkin treat Neil?

5. Who arrives at the pool and meets Neil?

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