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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)


Chapter 1

The student will take notes on the novel, GOOD-BYE COLUMBUS and its author, Philip Roth.

The student will participate in a discussion of socio-economic classes in a capitalist society.


1. Teacher will give pertinent information to the students about Roth. [Things to mention: Sexual angst in Jewish young men; Desire to separate from Jewish religion but retain

Jewish identity; Political satire; Alter ego Nathan Zuckerman; National Book Award 1960; PORTNOY'S COMPLAINT, the book that thrust Roth into commercial success]

2. Question: All men are created equal--or, are they? This introduction will segue into a teacher led discussion of class distinctions in a capitalistic society. If classes do not

exist, why can just anyone not wander into a Private Country Club? From there, look into class distinctions within one societal segment. In GOOD-BYE, COLUMBUS, class

distinction and net worth are almost synonymous. There is a brief mention of...

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