Goodbye, Columbus Character Descriptions

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Character Descriptions

Carlota - The Patimkins' maid.

Harriet Ehrlich - She is described as a young lady singularly unconscious of a motive in others or herself. All is surface, and she seemed a perfect match for Ron and the Patimkins.

Aunt Gladys - Neil's relative who is indirectly critical of his relationship with Brenda, based on her awareness of the vast socioeconomic class differences between the families.

Doris Klugman - Neil's cousin who first invited him to the country club swimming pool where he met Brenda.

Neil Klugman - The protagonist and narrator of the story.

The Little Boy - The little African-American boy, described by the outdated term "colored," who daily visits the library to look at the book of Gauguin paintings.

Uncle Max - Neil's relative who does not appear in the story except as Neil and his aunt refer to him.

John McKee - Neil's co-worker...

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