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Chapter 1

• Wealth and status are important character traits within this story.

• Jewish immigrants who settled in Newark, became wealthy, and moved to the suburbs and were replaced by less affluent Jews and other ethnic groups.

• Neil meets Brenda at Green Lane Country Club and is immediately smitten by her.

• Neil lives with an aunt, uncle, and cousin in Newark, New Jersey. Aunt Gladys makes threadbare bundles for the what she calls the Poor Jews in Palestine.
• Brenda's family are among the wealthy; she attends Radcliffe and her friends are of the moneyed set.

• Brenda lives in Short Hills, and exclusive community of upper class people with money but she allows Neil to come visit her there.

• On his trip into Short Hills, Neil is aware of the differences between there and where he lives in Newark.

• Immediately, there is a visible difference between Neil and Brenda, although Neil...

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