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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Graves find the politics of school life?
(a) Distasteful
(b) Engaging
(c) Easily maneuvered
(d) Stimulating

2. What did Graves and Sassoon do once they rejoined the 3rd Battalion in England?
(a) Trained new soldiers
(b) Continued their convalescence in a rehabilitation hospital
(c) Covered the war for newspapers
(d) Drafted new soldiers

3. What happened to deserters?
(a) Sent to the front lines
(b) Executed
(c) Life in prison
(d) Rarely found

4. In what year did the Spanish Civil War begin?
(a) 1932
(b) 1930
(c) 1940
(d) 1936

5. Where did the doctor advise Nancy that she should live for health reasons?
(a) Russia
(b) America
(c) Italy
(d) Egypt

Short Answer Questions

1. Where was Graves assigned since he was unable to return to combat?

2. How did Graves and Sassoon describe the English media's portrayal of the war?

3. Where did the ship stop on the way to Egypt?

4. Why did Graves' commanding officer refuse to honor his request to resign his commission?

5. In what year do Graves and Nicholson return to Islip?

Short Essay Questions

1. Upon return to the 3rd Battalion in England, what did Graves and Sassoon do for the military and to pass the time?

2. Describe in detail Graves' life after WWII.

3. What happened as Graves tried to resign his commission and demobilize as a student to Oxford?

4. How did Graves feel about what his commanding officer did regarding his demobilization request and what steps did he take to ensure the demobilization?

5. What happened in late July to Graves' company and to him during an artillery formation?

6. Describe what Graves did during his latter years while at Oxford?

7. During this post-war time, what did Nicholson do that later Graves and Lawrence needed to help him with?

8. Describe how Graves' opinions of the war differed from those he became friends with at Oxford?

9. What did Graves become familiar with as he was stationed at headquarters company?

10. What events led to Sassoon's denouncing the war and announcing his intention to refuse further service?

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