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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which disease did Graves believe resulted mostly from low morale?
(a) Alcoholism
(b) Suicide
(c) Trench feet
(d) Neurathenia

2. How did Graves steady his nerves when he felt nervous during the Battle of Loo?
(a) Prayer
(b) Writing
(c) Whiskey
(d) Leaving the trenches and hiding

3. Which of the following adjectives best describes how Graves found climbing?
(a) Fulfilling
(b) Depressing
(c) Surprising
(d) Challenging

4. From what disease did Robert suffer at the young age of approximately four-and-one-half?
(a) Polio
(b) Scarlet fever
(c) Tuberculosis
(d) Encephalitis

5. In what year was Graves born?
(a) 1850
(b) 1910
(c) 1895
(d) 1900

Short Answer Questions

1. In what form was Chapter 13 originally composed?

2. In what year was Chapter 13 originally written?

3. What was the age range of the men in Graves' platoon of Welshmen?

4. Why did Graves enjoy his time in Germany and feel that he received respect?

5. How long did Graves spend in basic training?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Amalie von Ranke believe she could do once she met Alfred Graves?

2. What happened in relation to the Officers Training Corps with Graves?

3. What would the English soldiers do before a mass attack which some could find grisly, but the soldiers felt necessary to help the survivors?

4. What was Graves' opinion related to Mallory and the climb up Mount Everest?

5. Describe in what way Graves' regiment was known throughout the English Army and what battles they participated in?

6. In what way did Graves change the opinion of his direct supervisor and how did he accomplish this task?

7. How did Graves become aware of the class distinctions and how did he view them during this time?

8. Why does Graves prefer the Fricourt trenches to the trenches he has been in in the past?

9. What is unique and different beginning with Chapter 12 and how has it been changed from its original format?

10. Describe who Graves' paternal grandfather was and what his importance was within society.

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