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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In late July during the barrage of artillery fire that Graves' company experienced, about how many of his men were killed instantly?
(a) One half
(b) One third
(c) Three fourths
(d) Two thirds

2. What does Graves spend his time doing right after he resigns his teaching position in Cairo?
(a) Spends several weeks looking for a new job
(b) Spends several weeks apologizing to the staff and students
(c) Spends several weeks traveling
(d) Spends several weeks writing

3. Which of the following literary figures was not one of friendships Graves made while at Oxford?
(a) Lawrence
(b) Nichols
(c) Hemingway
(d) Masefield

4. How did Nancy Nicholson see all social problems?
(a) To be solved by men
(b) In terms of women's rights
(c) The fault of religion
(d) Caused by the war

5. What happened to Graves as he completed his work as a drill and musketry instructor?
(a) He was demoted
(b) He spoke of anti-war sentiments and was hurt
(c) He worked too hard and collapsed
(d) He was killed

6. Into what language were all of Graves' lectures, handouts and examinations translated?
(a) English
(b) French
(c) Arabic
(d) Egyptian

7. What did Graves find displayed everywhere in England?
(a) German support
(b) Names of the injured and dead
(c) Patriotism
(d) Anti-war sentiments

8. How did Graves consider the war?
(a) A brave effort
(b) Understandable and necessary
(c) Evil and pointless
(d) Clear and well run

9. Why did Graves leave Majorca, Spain?
(a) Because his wife died
(b) Because his children needed different care
(c) Because the Spanish Civil War started
(d) Because he was not allowed to write in Spain

10. How many of Graves' children joined the Armed Forces during World War II?
(a) 3
(b) 1
(c) 4
(d) 2

11. At what university did Graves secure a position?
(a) Royal Egyptian University of Cairo
(b) University of London
(c) Harvard
(d) Oxford

12. Socially, England became anti which nationality?
(a) Spanish
(b) German
(c) French
(d) Italian

13. What would the students who passed the examination go on to do?
(a) Offer English instruction at primary and secondary schools
(b) Become the future university instructors
(c) Work in the United States
(d) Become translators at embassies

14. What degree did Graves receive when he completed his time at Oxford?
(a) Doctorate
(b) Bachelor's
(c) Masters
(d) Associates

15. In what city did Graves rejoin the war?
(a) Somme
(b) London
(c) Givenchy
(d) Litherland

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Graves do after he left the service?

2. How long did Graves go untreated?

3. What sport does Graves take up?

4. While in Cairo, what did Graves act as?

5. In what month did Graves pass medical inspection to be able to return to battle?

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