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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Graves and Sassoon spend many hours together doing?
(a) Correcting errors in reporting
(b) Planning escape from the war
(c) Finding a way to escape the war
(d) Writing poetry

2. What would the students who passed the examination go on to do?
(a) Offer English instruction at primary and secondary schools
(b) Become translators at embassies
(c) Work in the United States
(d) Become the future university instructors

3. In what year do Graves and Nicholson return to Islip?
(a) 1926
(b) 1923
(c) 1929
(d) 1930

4. Which of the following terms did Graves use to describe England?
(a) Destroyed
(b) Wonderful
(c) Bizarre
(d) Otherworldly

5. Which genre did Graves write the most poetry in?
(a) Fiction
(b) Poetry
(c) Fantasy
(d) Nonfiction

6. How did Graves re-enter active duty after he recuperated?
(a) Recruiter
(b) Battle planner
(c) Drill and musketry instructor
(d) Foreign affairs consultant

7. Who tutored Graves during his latter years at Oxford?
(a) Sir Walter Raleigh
(b) Walter de la Mare
(c) T S Eliot
(d) W H Davies

8. Which of the following parts was not injured on Graves?
(a) Ankle
(b) Chest
(c) Thigh
(d) Face

9. Who continues to live with Graves?
(a) Lawrence
(b) Nicholson
(c) His father
(d) Nichole

10. What disease do Graves' children contract for which they receive only indifferent medical attention?
(a) Rubella
(b) Mumps
(c) Measles
(d) Tetanus

11. What did Lawrence personally refuse to do in regard to his books?
(a) Use the money to support others
(b) Profit from his war-time experience
(c) Share it with any publishers
(d) Write about his experiences

12. In what city did Graves rejoin the war?
(a) London
(b) Givenchy
(c) Somme
(d) Litherland

13. In what year was Graves' second child born?
(a) 1922
(b) 1925
(c) 1921
(d) 1923

14. When were Graves and Nicholson married?
(a) March 1917
(b) April 1918
(c) February 1919
(d) January 1918

15. What was Sassoon treated for at Craiglockhart War Hospital?
(a) Pneumonia
(b) Insanity
(c) Bullet wounds
(d) Neurasthenia

Short Answer Questions

1. With which of the following literary figures did Graves develop a deep and sincere friendship?

2. How did Graves consider the war?

3. How many children did Graves have?

4. What did Graves pretend he was in the tiny cottage during his recovery?

5. How did Graves feel about eighteenth century poetry?

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