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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 28.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long did Graves spend in basic training?
(a) One week
(b) Three weeks
(c) Two months
(d) Three months

2. Where did Graves and some others go to rescue survivors after the battle of Loo?
(a) Barbed wire area
(b) Trenches
(c) Germany
(d) No Man's Land

3. What did Graves do that impressed his superior officer?
(a) Organized his troops well
(b) Spoke German fluently
(c) Competed well in a local boxing match
(d) Showed exlempary guarding duties

4. How did Graves feel about eighteenth century poetry?
(a) Excited
(b) Moved
(c) Disgusted
(d) Unsympathetic

5. Which of the following characters was killed in Chapter 18?
(a) Siegfried Sassoon
(b) Dave Thomas
(c) Captain Richardson
(d) Dick

Short Answer Questions

1. In August of 1915, where was a major offensive planned?

2. What present day term is equivalent to what Graves refers to as neurasthenia and illusion?

3. In late July during the barrage of artillery fire that Graves' company experienced, about how many of his men were killed instantly?

4. How did Graves describe the religious feeling among the soldiers?

5. How many children did Amalie give birth to with Alfred?

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