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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 28.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happened to nearly all of Graves' relatives who fought in the German armed forces?
(a) Killed in action
(b) Went AWOL
(c) Were war heros
(d) Defected to England

2. What injury did Graves suffer?
(a) Broken nose
(b) Bullet wound
(c) Rib fracture
(d) Broken leg

3. Where did Graves say the chaplains could be found?
(a) In the trenches
(b) Front lines
(c) Safely in the churches
(d) Far behind the lines

4. From what disease did Robert suffer at the young age of approximately four-and-one-half?
(a) Encephalitis
(b) Scarlet fever
(c) Tuberculosis
(d) Polio

5. Which of the following is the best definition for the term desultory as used to describe German shelling?
(a) Random
(b) Methodical
(c) Specific
(d) Tiresome

Short Answer Questions

1. What new so-called accessory was planned to be released upon the German lines?

2. How did Graves describe a proposed assault that was called off?

3. How did Graves consider the war?

4. What were many of the students at Charterhouse impressed with in regards to Graves?

5. Why were Graves' clothing and possessions considered second-rate?

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