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Short Answer Questions

1. Where is the International Express delivery on the last day of the world made?

2. How do the Them first encounter Newt?

3. Most people think of the Devil as an evil spirit with horns. Adam says people have the image of the Devil mixed up with the image of someone else. Who is that someone else?

4. Where do Adam and the Them take Newt?

5. On Sundays for as long as Shadwell can remember, Madame Tracy has left a plate of food on the floor just outside Shadwell's door. What is unique about this particular Sunday?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is Shadwell finally persuaded to take on his assignment?

2. When Death confronts the deliveryman, what does Death tell him?

3. How does Anathema know that Newt is a Witchfinder?

4. Anathema is prepared for Newt's visit. What has she laid out to be ready for his arrival?

5. Describe the contents of the International Express package delivered to Chalky.

6. What is the Metatron's reasoning for why Armageddon should happen?

7. The Hell's Angels in the cafe go over to the Four Horsemen to question if they are real Hell's Angels. In doing so, Big Ted mentions the one main thing that Hell's Angels can't abide. What is that one thing?

8. According to Anathema, why is Agnes the worst prophetess that ever lived?

9. As the Four Horsemen approach Tadfield, why are there four additional bikers following them?

10. The Chairman of the Lower Tadfield Resident's Association sees the world in black and white. What does he feel is his duty in regard to his moral conviction?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

When demons gather with each other, they always begin their meetings by following specific rituals.

a. How do all demons begin their meetings?

b. Why do they begin their meetings in this manner?

c. What is accomplished by beginning their meetings this way?

Essay Topic 2

Agnes Nutter is a character that we learn about only through tales of the past and her prophecies. Why does the author include Agnes Nutter in the story? What purpose does her presence serve? How is the plot furthered by her inclusion? How would the story be different if her character was never introduced?

Essay Topic 3

A sense of belonging is often attributed to a person's well-being and positive self-image. In the story, Adam is the leader of a gang called the Them, which is comprised of Adam's three best friends. How does being part of the Them impact the members' self-image and self-esteem? Why is this impact important later on in the story?

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