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Short Answer Questions

1. Why is the man giving directions stunned when Crowley shows up?

2. When Pepper continues their discussion saying that everyone has to choose sides in something, how does Adam respond?

3. Who appears out of a hole in Anathema's lawn?

4. Why does Mr. Baddicombe visit Newt?

5. When Adam and the Them arrive on the air base, what does Wensley do?

Short Essay Questions

1. The Chairman of the Lower Tadfield Resident's Association sees the world in black and white. What does he feel is his duty in regard to his moral conviction?

2. Why have neither Crowley's people nor Arizaphale's people made contact with these two?

3. Describe the contents of the International Express package delivered to Chalky.

4. Anathema is prepared for Newt's visit. What has she laid out to be ready for his arrival?

5. What does the tall biker tell the Trivial Pursuit player in the cafe?

6. After the Armageddon is thwarted, Anathema's future will now be unique for her. What makes Anathema's future unique now for her?

7. When Death confronts the deliveryman, what does Death tell him?

8. How is Shadwell finally persuaded to take on his assignment?

9. The Hell's Angels in the cafe go over to the Four Horsemen to question if they are real Hell's Angels. In doing so, Big Ted mentions the one main thing that Hell's Angels can't abide. What is that one thing?

10. Adam and the Them continue past Tyler to the air base, but the Them do not take the same route as the Four Horsemen take. Why not?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

When Adam and Eve are banished from the Garden of Eden, their departure has significant consequences on many levels. Please discuss what these consequences are, which characters are affected, and which character is most prominently affected. How is that character's life changed?

Essay Topic 2

Sable's MEALS diet program becomes a best selling product. However, people using this product as instructed to literally starve themselves to death.

a. Why is the sale of this diet program included in the story? What was the author's objective for its inclusion?

b. Through the use of this storyline, what is learned about the inventor's personality and morality? Why is this important later on in the story?

Essay Topic 3

Arizaphale and Crowley are adversaries by nature, so how/why is it that they become friends? How can their friendship be characterized?

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