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Short Answer Questions

1. During his conversation with the Metatron, Adam realizes that he is tired. Why is Adam tired?

2. As the two are eating lunch, what do Arizaphale and Crowley notice for the first time in as long as they can remember?

3. What does Madame Tracy typically do while waiting to make contact with the Other Side?

4. What does Sergeant Deisenburger guard?

5. How does Crowley know to head to Tadfield?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the contents of the International Express package delivered to Chalky.

2. The Hell's Angels in the cafe go over to the Four Horsemen to question if they are real Hell's Angels. In doing so, Big Ted mentions the one main thing that Hell's Angels can't abide. What is that one thing?

3. The Chairman of the Lower Tadfield Resident's Association sees the world in black and white. What does he feel is his duty in regard to his moral conviction?

4. As the Four Horsemen approach Tadfield, why are there four additional bikers following them?

5. Anathema is prepared for Newt's visit. What has she laid out to be ready for his arrival?

6. Why have neither Crowley's people nor Arizaphale's people made contact with these two?

7. What does Adam tell the Them that they will need to have once they enter the air base?

8. What does the tall biker tell the Trivial Pursuit player in the cafe?

9. What is the task assigned to Shadwell while he is sitting in Madame Tracy's kitchen?

10. What does Adam confess to the Metatron that he just doesn't understand?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Sable's MEALS diet program becomes a best selling product. However, people using this product as instructed to literally starve themselves to death.

a. Why is the sale of this diet program included in the story? What was the author's objective for its inclusion?

b. Through the use of this storyline, what is learned about the inventor's personality and morality? Why is this important later on in the story?

Essay Topic 2

Arizaphale and Crowley decide to intervene in human affairs in order to stop Armageddon from coming. Please explain why and how Arizaphale and Crowley decide to intervene to stop Armageddon from coming. What was their motivation for doing do? What was their plan to thwart the end of the world? Were they successful in thwarting Armageddon? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 3

The readers are introduced to Adam and his friends when they are eleven. Adam is clearly the leader of the pack.

a. What personality characteristics does Adam display that make him the natural leader of the Them?

b. How does his changing personality affect Adam's leadership and the reaction of his friends to his ideas and game suggestions?

c. Compare and contrast Adam's personality before and after he starts to realize he is the Antichrist.

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