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Short Answer Questions

1. Other than Adam's gang, what is the name of the village's only other gang?

2. What are God's mysterious ways likened to?

3. What does Mr. Young finally decide to name the child?

4. What was the sole purpose for the existence of the Order of Chattering Nuns eleven years earlier?

5. What does Crowley drive?

Short Essay Questions

1. When people first meet Arizaphale, what are the three things they immediately think about him?

2. When the Them are talking in the quarry, what does Brian wonder about UFOs?

3. How does Anathema lose the Book?

4. What is unique about Sable's best-selling book?

5. How do the babies get mixed up based on Crowley's information?

6. What is supposed to happen on the Antichrist's eleventh birthday?

7. Crowley used to be an angel. What happened?

8. What are two unique things about the Another?

9. Crowley loves his car. What is one of the perks of being a demon in regards to his car?

10. Why do Wensleydale's parents call him The Youngster?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Sister Mary was the nun in charge of making the baby switch that fateful night.

a. When Crowley runs into Sister Mary eleven years later, what name is she going by?

b. Where does Crowley meet this woman?

c. Compare and contrast the Sister Mary character with the character she has become eleven years later.

Essay Topic 2

On the night that the Antichrist is born, there is a slight mix-up at the hospital that has potential world-changing implications. Please describe why the switch was unsuccessful, what could have been done differently to assure that it was successful, and how the story would be different if the switch had been successful.

Essay Topic 3

Sable's MEALS diet program becomes a best selling product. However, people using this product as instructed to literally starve themselves to death.

a. Why is the sale of this diet program included in the story? What was the author's objective for its inclusion?

b. Through the use of this storyline, what is learned about the inventor's personality and morality? Why is this important later on in the story?

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