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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Pepper, Wensley, and Brian show up at Adam's house the morning after Armageddon was supposed to occur, what do they ask Adam?
(a) They ask Adam how they will get their bikes back from the air base.
(b) They ask Adam how he is feeling.
(c) They ask Adam what happened the previous night.
(d) They ask Adam how long he is grounded for.

2. Crowley and Arizaphale leave the air base with the van driver. Where do they drive to?
(a) London.
(b) Paris.
(c) Tadfield.
(d) Airbonne.

3. When Pepper continues their discussion saying that everyone has to choose sides in something, how does Adam respond?
(a) Adam muses that sometimes you have to run.
(b) Adam muses that sometimes you can play both sides.
(c) Adam muses that sometimes you can refuse to fight.
(d) Adam muses that sometimes you must make your own side.

4. On Sundays for as long as Shadwell can remember, Madame Tracy has left a plate of food on the floor just outside Shadwell's door. What is unique about this particular Sunday?
(a) Madame Tracy forgets to cook Shadwell a plate of food.
(b) Madame Tracy sets a place for Shadwell at her table.
(c) Madame Tracy insists that Shadwell cook for himself.
(d) Madame Tracy moves away from the apartment.

5. How was Sergeant Deisenburger wounded in Vietnam?
(a) The sergeant slipped on a bar of soap in the shower.
(b) The sergeant lost his leg when a grenade exploded.
(c) The sergeant stepped on a land mine.
(d) The sergeant was shot.

Short Answer Questions

1. Most people think of the Devil as an evil spirit with horns. Adam says people have the image of the Devil mixed up with the image of someone else. Who is that someone else?

2. How far is the Four Horsemen's meeting place from Tadfield?

3. Who do the Four Horsemen ask for directions to the air base?

4. Who appears out of a hole in Anathema's lawn?

5. What event marked the end of the serious witch-hunting craze in England?

Short Essay Questions

1. Adam and the Them continue past Tyler to the air base, but the Them do not take the same route as the Four Horsemen take. Why not?

2. While working with Shadwell, what piece of information does Newt never learn?

3. Why do the Witchfinders carry pins?

4. When the Them finally discusses what life would be like without Greasy and his gang in Tadfield, what is their verdict?

5. According to the Metatron, what is the point of Armageddon?

6. What is the task assigned to Shadwell while he is sitting in Madame Tracy's kitchen?

7. When Adam turns to see Madame Tracy at the air base, who else does Adam see?

8. Why does no one say anything as the Four Horsemen parade through the air base?

9. What does the tall biker tell the Trivial Pursuit player in the cafe?

10. The Hell's Angels in the cafe go over to the Four Horsemen to question if they are real Hell's Angels. In doing so, Big Ted mentions the one main thing that Hell's Angels can't abide. What is that one thing?

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