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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. in Section 2, who is about to be born?
(a) The Archangel.
(b) The Antichrist.
(c) The Demon Twins.
(d) The Savior.

2. What does Crowley think will happen if the angels win?
(a) The angels won't win.
(b) Life will be better.
(c) Life will be boring.
(d) Life will be longer.

3. Why do Arizaphale and Crowley decide to help influence the Antichrist?
(a) Because whoever wins the child wins the war.
(b) Because they don't like the child's parents.
(c) So Hell will have to start all over again.
(d) Because they always wanted to be parents.

4. Who is in charge of switching the babies?
(a) Sister Maria Loquacious.
(b) Sister Mary Loquacious.
(c) Sister Mary Chatterous.
(d) Sister Maria Chatterous.

5. Why does Crowley never need to sleep?
(a) Because sleep is for the weak.
(b) Because it's boring.
(c) Because evil never rests.
(d) Because Crowley has drugs to keep him awake.

Short Answer Questions

1. At the end of Section 1, what are the newly named animals doing?

2. What was Mary Hodges' former name?

3. According to the novel, when was the Earth created?

4. What does Shadwell have that Newt has never had?

5. What happens on the way to Arizaphale and Crowley's destination in section 3?

Short Essay Questions

1. Mary Hodges remembers two things about the Son of Satan when he was born at the hospital. What are those two things?

2. Why do most witchcraft books say that witches work naked?

3. When Anathema first sees Adam, what does Adam remind her of?

4. Why is Crawley thinking of changing his name?

5. When the combatants realize they have live ammunition, they keep playing their war game. This does not upset Crowley. Why?

6. Why does Arizaphale give the flaming sword to the couple?

7. What is supposed to happen on the Antichrist's eleventh birthday?

8. What does Crowley realize about that fateful day at the hospital eleven years earlier?

9. What are two unique things about the Another?

10. How does Anathema lose the Book?

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