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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where are the dark figures found?
(a) They are found during thunderstorms.
(b) They are found only in Eden.
(c) They are found everywhere.
(d) They are found only in stressful situations.

2. When the four friends in Adam's gang decide to have their own Neighborhood Witch Watch, who is promised the role of Head Torturer?
(a) Brian.
(b) Adam.
(c) Pepper.
(d) Wensley.

3. What is Arizaphale's cover job?
(a) Priest.
(b) Salesman.
(c) Second hand bookseller.
(d) Policeman.

4. What is the name of the angel who is talking to the serpent?
(a) Crawley.
(b) Hastur.
(c) Arizaphale.
(d) Ligur.

5. When Crowley and the other two demons meet in the graveyard, where on Earth are the demons?
(a) Paris.
(b) Moscow.
(c) New York.
(d) London.

6. Before joining the Witchfinder's Army, what is Newt's occupation?
(a) He is an accountant.
(b) He is a grocery checker.
(c) He is a wages clerk.
(d) He is a hospital attendant.

7. Who tries to help Mr. Young name the baby?
(a) Sister Mary.
(b) Deidre.
(c) Arizaphale.
(d) Crowley.

8. At the end of the conversation taking place between the angel and the serpent in the Garden of Eden, what does the angel wonder?
(a) If giving the present to the couple was the right thing to do.
(b) If the serpent is really good at heart.
(c) If the storm will ever end.
(d) If the couple will survive the storm.

9. As the angel and serpent's conversation draws to a close, how has the weather changed?
(a) It is a dark and stormy night.
(b) It is a nice day.
(c) It is snowing.
(d) It is a cold day.

10. As the angel and serpent are having their discussion, what is about to happen on Earth for the first time?
(a) A birth.
(b) A thunderstorm.
(c) A war.
(d) A blizzard.

11. According to Wensley, why are there no more witches?
(a) The demons killed all the witches.
(b) The angels wiped the witches out.
(c) All the witches were killed in the Spanish Inquisition.
(d) All the witches disbanded after the babies were switched.

12. Who is Anathema?
(a) The demon's wife.
(b) The hospital attendant.
(c) The child's mother.
(d) The person who gives Arizaphale and Crowley directions.

13. As a result of Scarlett's activities in Kumbolaland, how many people die?
(a) 15,000.
(b) 7,500.
(c) 20,000.
(d) 2,000.

14. Who does Crowley meet within the ruined graveyard?
(a) Arizaphale and Adam.
(b) Ligur and Arizaphale.
(c) Hastur and Ligur.
(d) Hastur and Adam.

15. What did Crawley do in the Garden of Eden?
(a) Give the couple an apple.
(b) Bite the angel.
(c) Point out the tree to Adam and Eve.
(d) Bite the woman.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Crowley never need to sleep?

2. As the story opens, where are Adam and Eve?

3. What does Crowley drive?

4. What does the gift from the two demons signify?

5. What does Crowley think will happen if the angels win?

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