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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 7, Pages 351-369.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the angel who is talking to the serpent?
(a) Hastur.
(b) Crawley.
(c) Ligur.
(d) Arizaphale.

2. How does Newt become involved with the Witchfinder's Army?
(a) Newt responds to a door-to-door recruiting campaign.
(b) Newt accidentally kills a witch, and the General finds him.
(c) Newt answers a want ad.
(d) Newt reads an article about their exploits.

3. After leaving the nunnery, what does Mary Hodges open?
(a) The Tadfield Manor Movie Theatre.
(b) The Tadfield Manor Military Training Center.
(c) The Tadfield Manor Conference and Training Center.
(d) The Tadfield Manor Computer Repair Center.

4. What is the subject of Sable's book?
(a) Armageddon.
(b) Nutrition.
(c) Spirituality.
(d) Dieting.

5. How do the Four Horsemen get past the guards and onto the base?
(a) The Four Horsemen kill the guards.
(b) The Four Horsemen pretend to be four generals.
(c) The Four Horsemen fly their motorcycles over the gate.
(d) The Four Horsemen crash through the main gate.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do Arizaphale and Crowley go for lunch the day after the Armageddon attempt?

2. Who is Newton Pulsifer?

3. When Anathema cannot find the Book on the road where she was hit, what is her only hope?

4. What happens on the way to Arizaphale and Crowley's destination in section 3?

5. What kind of car does Newt drive?

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