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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 3, Pages 67-90.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. in Section 2, who is about to be born?
(a) The Archangel.
(b) The Antichrist.
(c) The Savior.
(d) The Demon Twins.

2. At the Warlock's eleventh birthday party, why is Arizaphale in attendance?
(a) Arizaphale is a guest.
(b) Arizaphale is the magician.
(c) Arizaphale is the decorator.
(d) Arizaphale is the waiter.

3. As the story opens, where are Adam and Eve?
(a) Outside Eden.
(b) In Eden.
(c) At the tree.
(d) In a cave.

4. What does Crowley think will happen if the angels win?
(a) Life will be better.
(b) The angels won't win.
(c) Life will be boring.
(d) Life will be longer.

5. In Crowley's Bentley, where are the angel and demon racing to at over 90 kph in London?
(a) The party.
(b) The graveyard.
(c) The hospital.
(d) The school.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the subject of Sable's book?

2. Where are the dark figures found?

3. Who is Anathema?

4. As the angel and serpent's conversation draws to a close, how has the weather changed?

5. What happens on the way to Arizaphale and Crowley's destination in section 3?

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