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This is the place where rain makes its first appearance on the planet.

The Bentley

This is Crowley's car.

Chattering Order of Saint Beryl

This is a Satanic order of nuns that runs the hospital where the babies are switched.

Aziraphale's Book Store

This place provides an earthly cover for the angel.

Four Horsemen/Bikers of the Apocalypse

These characters are named War, Pollution, Famine, and Death.


This is an African nation that was originally a peaceful place.


This is the bike that was being ridden when the rider was hit by a car.

Tadfield Manor

This place is the hospital where the babies were switched.

The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter

This was handed down to Anathema Device. It was first published in 1655 and written by a witch.

The Them

This is one name for the group comprised of Adam and his...

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