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Lesson 1 (from Section 1, Pages 1-8)


As the story opens, Arizaphale and Crawley are discussing their very natures. Arizaphale, being an angel, wonders if he can do evil - by choice or by accident. Crawley, being a demon, wonders if he can do good - by choice or by accident. Indeed, in today's world, people often assume that people who commit evil acts are, by their very nature, evil. Conversely, it is assumed that do-gooders, like Mother Teresa, are simply good.

The objective of this Lesson Plan is to have the students critically think about the role of one's nature and how that person's nature determines their behavior.


1. Task: Break into small groups and discuss the idea of a person having an innate nature, or having been born good or bad. Does it happen? Can it be changed?

2. Task: Create a crossword puzzle. The across clues will be characteristics of goodness...

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