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Naming the Antichrist

Imagine you are Sister Mary. Come up with ten names suitable for the Antichrist.

Unexplained Phenomena

Strange and unexplained phenomena play a huge role in the emergence of Adam's powers. Clip an article from one of the tabloids that is similar to an occurrence that Adam caused. Share your clipping with the class.

A Whole New World

In Adam's new world, he impressed upon his friends that the new world could be anything they want it to be. Design your new world. What would your world keep from today's world? What would your new world delete?

The Four Horsemen

Draw a picture to create an image of what you think each of the Four Horsemen looked like.

Predicting the Future

Write five predictions of what will happen in the future.

Telling the Story

Adam learns a great deal from "New Aquarians" journal. Imagine you are...

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