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Essay Topic 1

Crawley changes his name at the beginning of the story, because he feels his original name does not reflect his true character. Please explore the theme of a name as an identity throughout Good Omens. Do the names assigned to characters seem appropriate to their personalities or actions? Do all characters accept their name? For those who change their name, what is their motivation to do so?

Essay Topic 2

Arizaphale and Crowley are adversaries by nature, so how/why is it that they become friends? How can their friendship be characterized?

Essay Topic 3

When Adam and Eve are banished from the Garden of Eden, their departure has significant consequences on many levels. Please discuss what these consequences are, which characters are affected, and which character is most prominently affected. How is that character's life changed?

Essay Topic 4

It's clear that Arizaphale and Crowley are unique characters...

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