Good Omens Character Descriptions

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This character is an angel who is trying to do good by the humans.


This character is a demon who started out as a serpent.


This character is the Antichrist, but doesn't find that out until he turns eleven years-old.

Newton Pulsifer

This character is charged with finding and cutting out newspaper articles regarding witches and supernatural phenomena.

Anathema Device

This character is a descendant of Agnes, and has an affair that was predicted in the Prophecies.

Witchfinder Sergeant Shadwell

This character wears strange clothes, has bad teeth, and seems to live on only cigarettes, sweet tea, and condensed milk.

Madame Tracy

This character is a psychic who becomes a prisoner in her own body.

Sister Mary Loquacious (a.k.a. Mary Hodges)

This character is both a devout Satanist and a scatterbrain.


This character belongs to the Antichrist, and does whatever the...

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