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Section 1, Pages 1-8

• This is the story of an angel and a demon who are both trying to do jobs that are part of the Great Plan.

• Aziraphale and Crowley are adversaries by nature and profession. Their relationship develops into a friendship merely because of the time they spend together over thousands of years.

• Aziraphale and Crowley each make compromises so that they can appear to accomplish their missions without having to overcome the other too much.
• When the Antichrist is born, they agree to work together to see if their influences can have any effect on the Antichrist.

• They finally locate the right child, but it's almost too late, as Armageddon is about to begin.

• As events unfold and the world is saved, Aziraphale and Crowley wonder if their involvement had any effect.
• Aziraphale and Crawley discuss the emergence of evil in Eden. During their discussion, they...

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