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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the boy doing at the postmasters when Willie first meets him in Chapter 3, "Saturday Morning"?

2. What does Emilia Thorne often come to the house to do while Tom is at fire duty?

3. Why does May Thorne begin delivering the mail?

4. What favor does Tom ask of the librarian?

5. Why doesn't Willie talk to the girls as they pick blackberries?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is "The Case" that is spoken of in the chapter title, and how does it reveal the differences between Zach and the other children?

2. What changes come over Tom as he takes Willie into town and spends the day with him?

3. How does Willie feel about Zach and what indicators are there about the way their friendship will or will not develop?

4. What does Tom volunteer for at the meeting and how does this show growth in his character?

5. Why is the entrance of the post-office boy suspenseful?

6. What further happens in Chapter 3 that make the reader sympathize even more with Willie?

7. How do the townspeople react to Tom's attendance at the meeting and why?

8. How is Zach different from any other character the reader has met in the book? Who notes the difference? What possible affect will the difference have on the plot of the story?

9. How has the war begun to affect the villagers?

10. Christmas is on its way. What events does Christmas bring and how will the children participate?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How does the main setting of the novel affect the storyline?

Essay Topic 2

How does WWII personally affect Tom, Willie, Zach and Mrs. Hartridige? How are they changed by it?

Essay Topic 3

Trace the relationship of Zach and the Littles from the time Zach arrives until the end of the novel. How did the relationship progress and what affect did it have on both parties?

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