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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Willie believe happens at the end of church service?
(a) Kneeling in prayer for a long time.
(b) A big meal is served.
(c) A good whipping is given.
(d) Wailing of sins by everyone.

2. What does Dobbs do to Willie when he tries to pat her after George does?
(a) Dobbs nips at Willie's hand.
(b) Dobbs neighs.
(c) Dobbs sends Willie stumbling backwards.
(d) Dobbs licks Willie's hand.

3. How old is Willie?
(a) Ten.
(b) Six.
(c) Twelve.
(d) Eight.

4. At the beginning of the novel, what is standing at the large iron gate of Tom's home?
(a) Soldiers.
(b) A large group of children.
(c) A pack of dogs.
(d) A small group of children.

5. What new name does Zach give to Willie?
(a) Bill.
(b) Billy.
(c) Will.
(d) William.

Short Answer Questions

1. What change comes for Willie at the end of the "Friday" chapter when his friends come to visit?

2. What is different about Zach that Tom and George both note?

3. What does Charlie Rudder want of Tom?

4. What of Tom's did Zach use to finish the shelter?

5. After Willie's first day of school, what does Tom say they will begin that evening?

Short Essay Questions

1. Throughout Chapter 5, how does Tom show his care for Willie?

2. How do the townspeople react to Tom's attendance at the meeting and why?

3. How has the war begun to affect the villagers?

4. How does Willie feel at the end of the day after going to town?

5. Why is Willie ashamed of himself? Should Willie be ashamed? Who has taught Willie his values and what kind of values are they?

6. How is Zach different from any other character the reader has met in the book? Who notes the difference? What possible affect will the difference have on the plot of the story?

7. Why are George's sisters upset with George on the day of the picnic, and what does this say about the way that they think?

8. Tom mutters to himself, "best not get fond of the boy, Thomas." Why do you believe that he says this, and what does he mean by it?

9. What astonishing discoveries are made at the library?

10. How does Willie begin to fit in with the children and what affect does this have on him?

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