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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is George wearing a black armband?
(a) His father was reported missing, believed dead.
(b) He is showing his loyalty to his country.
(c) His cousin was reported missing, believed dead.
(d) His brother was reported missing, believed dead.

2. What does Willie learn from talking to Zach's spirit?
(a) That Zach is gone forever.
(b) That he cannot live without Zach.
(c) That God is good.
(d) That Willie is now a whole person.

3. What separates Carrie from the other girls at the high shool?
(a) Her desire not to have friends.
(b) Her accent.
(c) Her lack of wealth.
(d) Her intelligence.

4. What is celebrated on September 7th, 1940?
(a) D-day.
(b) Willie's birthday.
(c) Zach's birthday.
(d) Tom's birthday.

5. What does Willie discover about his mother in Chapter 18, "Recovery"?
(a) She is a bad person.
(b) She is dead.
(c) She has run away.
(d) She is a liar.

6. How does Tom get Willie out of the hospital?
(a) The warden helps Tom get him out.
(b) The psychiatrist allows Tom to take him.
(c) In an ambulance.
(d) He kidnaps him.

7. What does Geoffrey decide to do for work?
(a) Teach art at the school.
(b) Give individual art lessons.
(c) Open an art school.
(d) Teach art classes at night.

8. When he comes to her house to visit, what does Mrs. Hartridge do for Willie to help him heal?
(a) She holds the baby at arms length from him.
(b) She speaks with him about her husband's death.
(c) She breastfeeds the baby.
(d) She feeds him ginger cake and lemonade.

9. What surprise is awaiting Willie when he returns to his house in London?
(a) His father.
(b) A baby.
(c) Paints.
(d) A dog.

10. What news is Carrie waiting impatiently at the gate to give Zach after his return from the sea?
(a) She has passed the high school entrance exam.
(b) George will not be attending high school.
(c) Mrs. Hartridge has decided to teach high school.
(d) She has failed the high school entrance exam.

11. What happens when Willie reads the part in Robert's absence?
(a) He mesmerizes everyone with his ability.
(b) He is very silly in his acting.
(c) He stumbles over the words.
(d) He sounds monotonous.

12. How does Zach feel about Spooky Cott?
(a) He is excited to see it.
(b) He is afraid.
(c) He is sad to see it occupied.
(d) He is mesmerized by the music coming from it.

13. What does Willie paint on his first day in Mrs. Hartridge's class?
(a) Mrs. Hartridge.
(b) Tom's house.
(c) The twins.
(d) An old man in an alleyway.

14. In March, Tom gets a letter from Willie's mother. What does it say?
(a) She wants Willie home because she is sick.
(b) She wants Willie to stay with Tom because the bombing is worse.
(c) She wants Willie to stay with Tom because she can't care for him.
(d) She wants Willie home because the war is over.

15. What is Tom's first reaction to the singing of the choir?
(a) He is happy that they are so loud.
(b) He is gruff because they have bad harmony.
(c) He is gruff because they are too solemn.
(d) He is happy that they sound so good together.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the Warden and Glad tell Tom about Mrs. Beech?

2. What is Spooky Cott?

3. Where does Willie's mother put him after she beats him?

4. How is Tom feeling when Willie arrives at carol practice?

5. What has become of Mrs. Beech?

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