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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For what does Tom go to the draper?
(a) Clothes for Willie.
(b) Clothes for himself.
(c) Black material for the windows at night.
(d) Draperies.

2. How does Tom defend Willie against the question posed by the Fletcher boy about Willie's shirt?
(a) He says Willie has bruises he needs to cover.
(b) He says it is no one's business.
(c) He says Willie has a fever he needs to sweat out.
(d) He says Willie is too thin to take off his shirt.

3. What does Tom have ready in the morning after Willie sleeps in the bed?
(a) Breakfast in bed.
(b) A new comic book.
(c) A new mattress.
(d) A tub of hot water.

4. After Willie's first day of school, what does Tom say they will begin that evening?
(a) Learning to write.
(b) Planting the turnips.
(c) New Bible stories.
(d) Running.

5. Who greets Willie outside of church after the service ends?
(a) The boy from the post office.
(b) The twins.
(c) Mrs. Hartridge, the teacher.
(d) Lucy, the daughter of Roe, the milk lady.

6. What is different about Zach that Tom and George both note?
(a) His clothing.
(b) His vocabulary.
(c) His laugh.
(d) His lack of intelligence.

7. What does Tom teach Willie to do on their walk to mail the postcard?
(a) Ride the horse.
(b) Knock at the door.
(c) Lock the gates.
(d) Milk a cow.

8. What is the mother's concern for her child's placement in Chapter 1?
(a) That he be placed near a church.
(b) That he be placed with other children.
(c) That he be placed with an elderly man.
(d) That he be placed near a school.

9. What present does Emilia Thorne give Willie that he has never had known before?
(a) Boots.
(b) A balaclava.
(c) A book.
(d) Clothes.

10. What does George invite Willie to do the day after they build the shelter?
(a) Play with his sons.
(b) Picnic and berry pick.
(c) Dig another trench.
(d) Fish.

11. What upsets Carrie about George?
(a) He has opportunities she wants and he does not.
(b) He is smarter than she is.
(c) He teases her all of the time.
(d) He can act in the play and she can't.

12. What happens at the end of Chapter 2 that makes Willie smile?
(a) Tom let him cook.
(b) He ate potatoes.
(c) The dog licked his face.
(d) Tom gave him socks that were way too big.

13. What news does Zach bring to the kids about school?
(a) Mrs. Hartrigde is pregnant.
(b) There will be a Christmas play.
(c) The school will close because of the war.
(d) There will be a big carol chorus for Christmas.

14. What of Tom's did Zach use to finish the shelter?
(a) A lantern.
(b) A ladder.
(c) A pick ax.
(d) A shovel.

15. How does Willie feel about his bruises?
(a) He doesn't care if people see them.
(b) He has not deserved them.
(c) They are the marks of his sins.
(d) He is unfazed by them.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Tom say about the comic book he wants Willie to choose?

2. Why does Willie end up in Mrs. Black's class?

3. What does the chapter title "The Case" refer to?

4. Why are George's girls sulking on the way to berry picking?

5. What does Tom tell Mrs. Fletcher he has seen Willie do for the first time?

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