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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6, "Zach".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is Tom described in Chapter 1?
(a) Average and thin.
(b) Small and thin.
(c) Tall and thick.
(d) Average height and stocky.

2. What does WIllie discover is missing from Tom's house?
(a) Curtains.
(b) The sounds of traffic.
(c) A wood stove.
(d) A Bible.

3. At the beginning of the novel, what is standing at the large iron gate of Tom's home?
(a) A small group of children.
(b) Soldiers.
(c) A pack of dogs.
(d) A large group of children.

4. What is Zach's impression of Willie?
(a) WIllie is a loner.
(b) Willie is a talker.
(c) Willie is kind.
(d) Willie is afraid.

5. What does Charlie Rudder want of Tom?
(a) To wear a gas mask.
(b) To dig an air-raid shelter.
(c) To house more children.
(d) To cover his windows at night.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Tom cook for WiIlie on that first day?

2. What is the Little's building?

3. Whose shadow does Willie see at the end of Chapter 5?

4. Why do the country folk cover their windows at night?

5. What Bible story does Tom tell Willie?

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