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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6, "Zach".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What favor does Tom ask of the librarian?
(a) To help Willie find picture books.
(b) To watch Willie while Tom shops.
(c) To choose a book that she thinks appropriate for Willie.
(d) To let Willie have more than three books.

2. Whose shadow does Willie see at the end of Chapter 5?
(a) The vicar's.
(b) His mother's.
(c) A dog's.
(d) The boy from the post office.

3. What does the word mackintosh refer to in chapter 1?
(a) A jacket.
(b) A brown bag.
(c) A computer.
(d) An apple.

4. Why is the librarian astonished that Tom wants a card for Willie?
(a) There is a rule against cards for placed children.
(b) She sees Tom as being uninvolved.
(c) Tom hates the library.
(d) She knows Willie can't read.

5. How does the boy at the postmaster's differ from Wilie?
(a) He is much smarter.
(b) He is much tanner.
(c) He is much older.
(d) He is much fatter.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Tom need from Roe in Chapter 2?

2. What confusing saying did Zach leave Willie with on the night they first met?

3. What happens to Tom, Willie, and Sammie on the way home from their walk in Chapter 2?

4. How does Willie feel about his bruises?

5. What do the young Fletcher boys come looking for at Tom's?

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